1999 Chrysler/Dodge Intrepid engine problem? Is it true?

I am planning to buy a 1999 Chrysler Intrepid with V6 2.7L engine. I heard that the Chrysler 2.7L engine is faulty. If you own a Chrysler with a 2.7 engine (Intrepid, Concore, etc.), please share your experience. Thank you.

stay away from the 2.7 or make sure you get an extended warranty. I own a 99 intrepid

the only problem I know of with the 2.7L specifically is sludging in the oil passageways. This problem IS CAUSED by poor maintenance! try to get records of oil changes and types of oil used. if you buy it, change the oil EVERY 3000 miles or 3 months (which ever comes first) and used the oil recomended in the owners manual (grade and wieght). I would recommend Havoline for the first oil you put in it simply because it has the highest detergent content to clean out the oil passageways.

Depends on how well keep the vehical is. The 2.7L engine is prone to sludging due to lack of maintenance. Ask for maintenance records.

I owned a ’96 ES with the 3.5L V6. If you get an Intrepid or any other LH series car, get the 3.5. It has plenty of horsepower &amp: torque.

I have never owned one however Chrysler used a lot of Mitsubishi motors which are total junk. I would be shocked if it went 100k.

if you want a good 2.7L engine car get a Hyundai Tiburon. Dont even bother with chyrsler.

don&quot:t buy it i work at a chrysler dealer and i see the 2.7 motor being towed in all the time. NO WAY.

pass….the newer Chrysler’s are much better…

Chryslers suck

May be it is possible….

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