2008 audi a4 or 2008 volvo s40?

im looking to buy 1 of these two, i know that audi is more stylish, but volvo as more safety features, which brand will be best to buy?

Let me tell you this, I was at a dinner where 1 of the guys attending was a big corporate guy in the auto industry. He was telling me how he worked for most of the big luxury manufacturers, and of all of them, Audi was just the worst one. Here is what he said/here is what i think:
Audi is considered one of the most attractive looking entry luxury automobiles in the industry. Beats, BMW, mercedes, volvo, etc. Theyre also a joy to drive. But in terms of reliability, they are the worst on the market. Theyre only good if you lease them, because you own it when its fairly new and if something goes wrong in those 3 years (yes, it does, especially the electronics), it is covered by the dealer. But when they start to age, they turn into a living nightmare/piece of junk. N theyre not cheap to repair either.

On the other hand, the 2008 volvo s40’s had excellent reviews/reliability ratings. Volvos are considered to be the cheapest european luxury brand to maintain. They have a class leading warranty (&quot:safe and secure&quot:), they are leaders in automobile safety. What people say about the s40’s is that their 2.4i/non turbo engine is not very fast, so i would go for the T5 model. The interior is trendy and nice but not exactly the most luxurious you will find in the market, but it truly shows a Scandinavian volvo design. Rear leg room is not the best, but the audi A4 isnt much bigger. Like the audi, it also comes with optional AWD. The s40 is cheaper than the a4 price wise. Unfortunately, part of the price cuts that the chinese did when they bought volvo was cut the s40/v50 so they are no longer produced for the 2012 model year.
In terms of repairs, you shouldnt have many problems, but if you do, you are covered by a good warranty, and when that expires, finding a volvo independent repair shop will save you a lot of money.

So you get my opinion, VOLVO. But it depends on what you’re looking for. If you prefer the &quot:brand name&quot: of the audi and the extra luxury, then yeah, go for it, but in the long run, the volvo is the best choice (regardless of if you get the 2.4i (non turbo), T5 (5cyl turbo) or R-Design (sport turbocharged model).

I have driven 2 volvos in the past, and now I drive a 2004 Saab 9-3 sports sedan.
The saab has been the best car ive owned. Excellent reliability, fun to drive, great looking car. I would definitely look into a 9-3. Many people dont like saabs because of their currently low resale values and that the company is in a bad financial state. Despite the bad company, the cars are amazing, and you can buy &quot:a lot for a little&quot: money/value wise. Every1 told me not to buy a saab, I bought one anyways and its much better than both my volvos combined.


Personally I would leave both alone, just look on the internet at their common faults, there really is an issue with cars built during a recession, cutbacks!, I have owned many Volvo’s including a 2008 V70, the worst car ever I have owned a 2004 A4 which was expensive to fix when it went wrong. I would look at some of the Japanese alternatives, you could get a 2009 Subaru Legacy with a fantastic Boxer Diesel engine, would never breakdown and looks fantastic, drives well too or if you want the Audi quality try out a 2010 Skoda Octavia VRS, you will be smiling from ear to Ear and one of the least depreciating cars in its class and 2 years of warranty left. Good Luck.

Volvo S40 2008

08 Volvo S40

I would get the a4 it looks a lot better then the s40 and if you want power get at least a v6.

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