Why are Christians supporting Zionism in Israel?

Boring Historical brief, skip at will …
It is wildly and widely known that Israel is a Zionist politically lead country that occupied Palestinian lands using blackmailed funds from the Western countries. Whether it was religious obligation or political greed that motivated Jewish Militias to make their moves in an era where Arabs of all creeds lived in peace on one land is not our concern here: my concern here is the outrageous funds that the so-called Christian US provides annually to Israel [108 Billion up to 2006 only].
End of brief.

Why is an annual 2-3 billion $ US support to Israel paid for by the Christian masses of the US? Why aren’t these funds redirected to Starving countries? Why is Israel so important to Christians?
Sure the Christian God won’t mind feeding the starved instead of arming the full, will He?

The UN declared Israel a country. Israel is the only democratic ally in the Middle East. So we support them. We also give aid to nations harboring terrorists (Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc.) and give money to nations that back terrorist organizations (Lebanon). We’re messed up.

Have you read the prophecies about the return of Christ in Zechariah 14 ? I found it quite interesting that in the latter days God will bring nations up against Jerusalem for battle and Israel will take a very hard hit. Shortly after that Christ returns and then goes and battles against those nations that came up against Jerusalem. Christ was a Jew so I guess he takes it personally when some try to kill his brothers and sisters.

As a mostly Christian country we must protect Israel with all we have. We give to the poor all the time,but we do have an obligation to protect Gods people and His Holy Land. Like I said the day we walk away from Israel is they day we lose all prosperity. The islam countries cant wait for us to stop protecting them

To answer your question, Israel is Gods beloved nation. If we do not support Israel, from a Christian viewpoint, we are not supporting Gods nation and are therefore against Israel. Those who love God love all that he loves. If the U.S. refuses to help Israel, destruction will be upon this land, more so than ever before. I believe this is a historical lesson that the U.S. has come to learn.

You need to understand that the United States is described in prophesy as a beast &quot:like a lamb&quot: but &quot:spoke as a dragon&quot:. It is even more clear to the world now for what she is doing and will continue to do now that she has formed an alliance with the Vatican (the antichrist) and the ten horns of the European UnionВґs regions. So she is not christian in the eyes of God (although she pretends to be), and this is what matters. Nevertheless, the arab nations suffer the consequences also of their own sins. Everybody get what they deserve, its a saying in my country. You may wish to read &quot:The Spirit of Antichrist&quot: and others at:



The Nazarene is a fictitous JEWISH INVENTED ARCHETYPE for Gentiles to slavishly worship. This character is based upon some 18+ crucified Pagan Gods STOLEN and CORRUPTED from GENTILE pantheons! For more information proving the nazarene character is fictitious, click on the links provided at the bottom of this webpage. The Jews themselves know the nazarene is a lie!





Because the alternative would be to support the suicide bombers of Palestine.

Your lies have nothing in common with history and you know that.

Also, nice false dilemma. Did you donate everything you own to the &quot:starving countries&quot:? Why not? According to you they are top priority…

Why is the US funding rebuilding babylon? We are wasting lots of our money. So does each individual person, I agree we could be better stewards of our posessions, yes but it boils down to us as individuals as well as groups.

Not christians but Americans! WHY AMERICANS WHY??

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