Why do liberals oppose the oil pipeline from Canada that would create thousands of jobs and lower gas prices?

Because it would be good for America and they might be forced to go to work which is something in my opinion they will avoid at all costs

Well four major US Unions are for that pipeline. I thought unions were liberals. I guess you get to pick who’s what based on the topic. In fact most of those suing the keystone pipeline are republican business owners. But, the point here is that the landowners have concerns, not about green house gases, politics, or ants, but about their farms and businesses these pipelines cut through. It’s not like TransCandada is actually an american company, yet they are trying to use eminent domain on US soil against Americans. What if this was Osama Oil, would that be ok if they cut through you land. Worst, the company has chose a route the literally is the heart of Nebraska’s agricultural business. The problem isn’t the pipe, or the space, but the concern over the aquafilters that run in that area are about 3 feet below the ground at best. Building piping in that would be a concern should there ever be a leak, which there have been over 375 documented leaks of oil pipelines in Alaska. Without these aquafilters the business of Nebraska that keeps the state afloat will sink.

I’m no lib. But, I’m curious who will be paying for this pipeline.
Further, as a resident of a major metropolitan area who uses public transportation, I’m not fond of my tax dollars paying for everybody else’s gas use.

The gas prices are already lower than their real price.

Our taxes make it &quot:affordable&quot: by subsidizing the cost of oil.

I’d prefer all of the money that would go to subsidizing the &quot:lower gas prices&quot: and constructing that pipeline go toward making more nuclear power facilities.

This would create just as many jobs without throwing our tax dollars into the ever corrupt dinosaur that is the oil industry.

Because they see the oil produced from Canada’s oil sands and dirty oil. We currently have the technology to extract about 30% of the oil in the oil sands. Research is being done all the time on how to get the rest of it out and minimize the damage done to the environment while doing so. The University of Calgary has been doing research in this area since the 1970’s. Once this technology is fully developed and we can extract all the oil, Canada would have the second largest oil reserves in the world: which could end North America’s dependance on oil from the middle east.

What I don’t understand is how they think it is less damaging to the environment to ship oil in tankers from half way around the world.

The huge amount of money that would be spent to transport oil, a non renewable resource, thousands of miles creating environmental hazard could be better spent. How about rebuilding our infrastructure to produce solar and wind power energy rather than continuing to support oil company pollution and public dependence and captivity to that industry. Building a new power supply system could supply as many jobs.

We need to invest in the future, and not stick with dirty fossil fuels that are polluting our air, poisoning our children, and responsible for climate change. Big Government should not be coming to the rescue of the oil industry to accommodate this, especially for business’s that don’t pay any taxes here anyhow.

Further, want to lower the price of gas at the pump? Stop speculation and trading by the banksters on oil commodity’s.. This drives the price up, and accounts for 25% of what you pay at the pump.

There isn’t that much oil. Its in the Bakken Area stretching from Montana into Canada we need to get that has more oil then most OPEC nations plus Trillions of feet of natural gas to use as fuel for our vehicles too.

That oil will end up in China, but I suppose that won’t mean more emissions. They oppose building a refinery right there, so now what?

Raw supply of oil will do nothing to influence prices.

I love it when people support ideas on the basis that it will lower gas prices. Did the war ?
Multinationals sell ordinary people ideas, but only they profit.

It’s not the Liberals silly…it is your Unions and Environmental folks that are causing the stoppage.

I’m in Canada and don’t think there should be any pipelines to anywhere.

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