what what is the fastest stock car under 10k?

I’m looking for a fast car that looks sharp. Quarter mile time car. I heard srt4s are up there. 3kgt vr4s(hard to find and very heavy) gsx and tsi(I owned one, so not those) I want it stock. I don’t want to have to put thousands into it. Thanks

Neon Srt-4, cheapest power per dollar stock.

you will be waiting to discover some 02-03 WRX’s in that budget. they’re faster-charged and all wheelcontinual. they’re 4-cylinders so as that they have fantastically good gasoline mileage. an particularly missed vehicle that seems fantastically good and has respectable horsepower is the Nissan Sentra Spec-V. It has approximately 200 horsepower, 6 velocity tranny, and LSD. i replaced into somewhat in simple terms watching some on Craig’s checklist and 04-06 have been properly under $9000. you will be able to desire to apply the further money to throw some respectable wheels and tires on the vehicle (the inventory ones are a sprint bland) or subs or something. Plus it somewhat is a Nissan so it somewhat is going to final invariably with prevalent upkeep.

Dodge Neon SRT4 or Chevy Cobalt SS

You could probably get about an ’06 Pontiac GTO for under 10 grand now.

What’s not to love about a 5.7L V8 and decent Australian quality?

fox body mustang, get one for dirt cheap ( well under 3k) slap a low compress 351 in it and jam er full of nos… low 11s-mid 10s would be easy

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