13 Years Old And 18 Years Old Dating?

13 Years Old Girl And 18 Years Old Guy Dating.
What do you think on that?
your opinions pls.

p.s if you’re asking about having sex, they are not. hugging, kissing, stuff like that.

No it’s not OK. The guy should find someone his own age. It’s just so not right. It is also illegal. K.

she can do what ever she wants…

who cares what her parents think?

she’ll only look back on it later and laugh..


As long as hes not superstitious

If they are good to each other and don’t do anything to ruin their futures I could care less.
Enjoy! You’re only young once.

Not good.

wow.. i don’t know what to say…yes i do-ewww.

My Daughter – – NO !


That’s gross

i also think if the parents are ok with it, then it’s ok.

no it’s illegal

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