Can my 10 year old baby sit?

Can my ten year old babysit.? she really loves babies and is wondering if she could baby sit.

No. Most states have a law that says a child cannot be left alone until are 12 or higher in some state. Just because she loves babies does not mean that she will have the mental fortitude to know how to react in a situation such as a screaming, chocking, or lethargic child. The answer is No. No. No.

But in 4 years, she should take a babysitting class usually offered by hospitals or YMCAs.

By law, to babysit, the person has to be 12 or older. That’s just in Washington. I bet in some states the minimum age is younger. 10-year-olds are way too young to babysit young babies. Maybe watch a kid a couple years younger than them for an hour, but never a baby by themselves. In fact, I don’t think even 12-year-olds should be left alone babysitting a child under two or three.

To babysit another child of yours or babysit in general? I would say 10 is too young to sit for another person, based on my experiences in the classroom, some of these 10 year olds need sat themselves. I would say in some cases they are ok to be left with a sibling for an hour or so if you need to run somewhere quick. But really at that age in an emergency all they can do is 911. I’d say at 12 they are a little older and more able to deal with situations that may arise without freaking out…

No way. That is honestly dangerous to allow someone who is still a child herself to care for a baby. If she really likes babies and wants to spend time with them, there are other things you can do. Do you go to church or anything? Maybe she could volunteer to help out in the nursery, because at least there will always be an adult present in case of an emergency, or if a situation that she can’t handle arises. You could also look into making her a mother’s helper, which means she &quot:babysits&quot: children while their parent is maybe just in another room in the house getting stuff done (but again, an adult is always present in case something goes wrong). But do not ever leave a 10-year-old alone with a baby. Again, that’s just dangerous and irresponsible, and if anything bad happened, you could be charged with child endangerment.

1-Does she have first aid 3 and CPR-C?
2-Would you trust her to babysit an infant?
3-Is it in town? (for emergencies)

I was babysitting at 10 but I had more medical training than most adults due to my family background. If your child met all the above requirements and I thought she was mature enough then I would allow her to babysit my child. Also start her off babysitting older children first. (5-7 yrs)

Also check your local laws. Where I live there is no restrictions they’re only required to have CPR-C (child and infant).

NO, a 10 year old is too young….You need a 12 year old to babysit depending were you live.

Check out the link below.

No, I think this is still too young. She could maybe watch a baby while adults are in the house in another room, but I would not give her the responsibility of caring for a baby alone yet. Wait a few more years.

i think is it actually illegal to leave a child under the age of 14 home alone so i guess it would also be illegal for a 10 year old to baby sit. especially an actual baby… i trust my mum and my husband with my 8 month old and thats it!

Nooooooo Im 14 and I know CPR and all that other stuff, a good baby sitter should be over 13, know some kind of first aid (just in case) and should be smart to know what to do in certain situations.

NO!!! your ten year old should still have a babysitter. someone is old enough to babysit when they can make adult decisions for non-adults in a serious or stressful situation…show me one ten year old that can do that. please do not let your child babysit at such a young age. loving babies does not equate to the maturity needed to watch over someone else.

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