What was so wrong about Joe Wilson calling Obama a liar?

Obama has just gotten done calling to those who oppose his proposals liars.

The real breakdown in civility, is in advocating benefits for people who do not come here legally, and calling anyone who doesnt like it a liar

Joe WIlson dod not breakdown the civility, it has already begun,

Had it been the other way around, the democrats would be calling him a hero. It’s just part of the game we play here. Stuff happens, we applaud it when our guy does it and pretend to be outraged when the other side does it.

There was nothing wrong with it, whatsoever. Obama Is a LIAR!!! I applaud Joe Wilson for having the guts to call it like he sees it. I agree with him 100%. Obama is the Biggest Fraud since the &quot:Work at Home&quot: Scams.

Nothing…he is a liar. Joe Wilson was the only one so far in DC who had the backbone to say it and not cave in to the Obama machine.

If anyone is going to proclaim someone a liar then they should have facts to back up the allegations otherwise that individual doing the finger pointing just winds up looking silly.

Obama just got done calling those who spread misinformation and delusions liars.

Joe Wilson was wrong – the rest of his party knows it.

Even if he had been right – he was still out of line. Funny how GOP’ers cheer him on as if he were some kind of hero for ‘confronting der fuhrer’ and other retarded crap.

If that’s what they think passes for civil discourse in this country, they need to grow up and educate themselves.

It wasn’t the correct venue for it. It would have been rude no matter who was president. If he thinks Obama is truly a liar, get the FACTS out there.

First off it was not an open forum…. I don’t remember any democrats congress personal openly shouting out during Bush’s speeches calling him a lair….and god knows the man LIED
Plus I would assume that most congess people as long as Americans would realize that illegals are already getting free health care….. and we the tax payer are footing the bill….
Who knows maybe is something is done for the Citizen of this country to get health care then we might caught the illegals.

The rules state all President speakers are considered guest and will be afford all the Rights set forth by the house.

Also, Obama was right and he was wrong.

the president had the floor
it was an interruption at the wrong time
joe wilson has just as much right to get the floor
and run his mouth as much as he want
it was just rude
he certainly has the right to say it though
but not during his speech
get real

Joe Wilson made a true statement when he called Obama a liar. However, the timing was bad.

It was disrespectful. If Wilson can’t respect the man, he should at least respect the office.

Obama has never advocated extending health care benefits to illegal immigrants to the US. In this case, conservatives have been lying about the president’s intentions for health care reform. Joe Wilson didn’t stand up for what’s right as much as admit how much of his side’s own dishonest rhetoric he has bought into already.

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