to Wiccans and those who practise Witchcraft. from any religious sect…serious answers please?

…..the thing goes….my parents have been trying to fix up my marriage and since sometime from few years back they have been trying to meet possible eligible suitors…quite a few years back it got nearly but broke just before the marriage could take place (I am thankfull to God for it though )….but however after that incident no positive development in the direction has taken so far even though a couple of eligible guys i came across (i felt would be the right kind of match) but somehow the desired results never materialised…then very recently my mum visited a lady who practises witchcraft n divinition (i respect the lady a real lot)…according to her it seems someone has hexed me n so all the matches fails n she has given me some magic potions to use to get rid of the curse….my question is is this hex a possible thing? if so will working on the magic words/using the potion help me? and what about the rule of 3? is this willful change of destiny?

I was a solitary practitioner in my early twenties, read tarot, did candle magic, and took a couple of black magic &quot:love&quot: spells off a few people.

Okay, first of all, your parents shouldn’t be doing magic to get you a man — that would be considered grey or black magic because it is compelling another human being. Second of all, you’re probably not cursed (or hexed) except with a family who is obsessed with getting you a man. The Rule of Three (which is also known as the Rule of Kharma — what you do will come back to you three times over) implies that every time you all try to control another person, you will be controlled three times over.

Wicca and magic is about the power of the mind over the paranormal and physical worlds. If you believe the potions work, they will. Hopefully these potions will get you a little farther from your parents’ control so you can find a man YOU get along with, not who they consider would be a suitable match for you.

Honestly, I’d get a tarot reading done by a really good reader. S/he will be able to show you what things YOU need to change in your life to be able to make something come to fruition — if you even really want to have a man. Perhaps your destiny right now is to complete yourself before you find a partner to take the rest of the journey with? (Which I feel is much closer to the truth).

Blessed Be, and Happy Solstice coming up for you.

Wow, that is some kind of question with many different parts. First of all, why are your parents arranging your marriage? Is it a cultural thing? If not, get out there and find a man yourself, please. The hex may very well be that parents don’t arrange marriages these days! Second, you may not be looking in the right places. I sense that you are extremely shy and not giving off the right signals. Third, I am glad that you trust the lady your mum visited, but please go yourself. This is not something she can divine from a distance. I am afraid that her gift is not reading you from a distance. Do not use anyone else’s potions or magic. This will definitely violate the rule of three. Call love and strength to you. Do not single out someone as you are then messing with the power of three. By the way, all is not lost. You will have a husband and children. I believe they will be dark eyed beauties.

A hex can be a very real thing,,, yes the potion could help but I would be very weary of it, do not eat it or put it one your person. If it is for something other then what I have stated above if might be OK I would have to know what is in it to be sure. The rule of 3 would not apply to you, but to the caster of the hex, they have bad intentions, so the energy they send out will go back to them 3 fold. As for destiny it is what you make of it. Your choices and actions make your destiny.

You are in control of your destiny—not this practicing witch (did you have to pay for the potions? Is she a good friend of your mother? If so, be very leary of her advice.)

Also, why are you letting your parents influence the selection of a mate? Is it cultural? If you are self-supporting, get out on your own, make your own decisions, and become involved with life in a way that makes YOU feel wonderful. If you are not self-supporting, find a way (get a job, go to school, whatever it takes). Also, is marriage important to you, or your parents?

Also, focus on the things in life that YOU want to attract in your life—that is REAL magic. Be yourself, be happy, and the person you desire will show up.

You are blessed.

……… I’ve been a Wiccan (and a witch) since 1998. You know, not everything has to do with magick. Sometimes it’s just bad luck. Maybe it just isn’t the right time. Especially if you’re actively seeking &quot:the right guy&quot: with the intent of getting married.

For one thing, it’s not your parents job to fix you up. Thats YOUR job. Second, stop obsessing about getting married. It will happen when it happens and any guy with a brain can tell you’re trolling for a husband. That will chase him off so fast your head will spin.

You need to stop concentrating so much on magic and the air of desperation you’re giving off and just live your life. It will happen when it happens.

People need to learn that not everything is about magick.

Besides, the magick won’t help or hinder you unless you believe in it.

It’s far far more likely that you’re sabotaging yourself with your desperation to find a husband. It’s obvious when a persons desperate and no man is going to fall for that.

Yes there are hexes. Yes they can be removed. No it is not a willful change destiny, there is no destiny the godes and goddesses gave use brians and free will to chose our own destiny. The rule of 3 is what ever you give you get back 3 fold. If the woman’s potion dose not work e-mail me and I will give you a spell to help.

This is an old con game. &quot:You’re hexed, and only I have the means to fix the problem.&quot: This is garbage. You’d have to have a serious enemy to deserve a hex, and if you did, you would probably know who it was. Even so, there is an old Irish saying: &quot:In sorcery, force has the upper hand.&quot: This means that it all comes down to will, and if your will is strong enough, you can beat any hex.

Curses are very real. They are the malevolent expression of another’s will against you. Energy is guided by will, which is why it says in the bible that wanting someone to die is as bad as murder itself. It’s not entirely clear to me how involved your parents are in getting you a guy, but if they’re basically looking for the guy you want to marry FOR you, or even just have it in their minds the kind of guy they want you to marry and none other, that negative energy could be inadvertantly comming from them (no offence to your parent’s, it’s just a thought.)
Of course, it’s entirely possible that you’re paying off the Karma of a previous life too. If I were you, I’d get a peice of labradorite or any of the many stones that protects from negative energy around your neck and a peice of rose quartz to attract love.
It is only black magic to make a particular person fall in love with you. Something to bring a person with ideal qualities who will love you as well is not.

It concerns me that someone would tell you you have been cursed.
Generally when people tell you stuff like that they are lying and want to try and get money out of you.
There may be energy work you can do for yourself, ways to clear your Chakras, open yourself up a bit, but generally people can’t do this for you.
Some things can be &quot:destiny&quot: but mostly we get what we ourselves create.
Read the article on the link below.

Weak magic. You are dealing with power over. The only power that has power over you is the willingness on your behalf to not stand in The Truth. You are dealing with people who do not want to accept personal responsibility. You can counter any spell or jinx etc. by you taking your power back by being at one with the One and Only True power of Creation. You pick the name you believe in but seek The Truth and stand firm in it. Follow your heart.

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