Ball hits the stump on full by medium pacer & the umpire gives No ball for over waist height. is it possible?

This happened on 08.02.09. while playing cricket. I bowled overpitched ball that hits 3/4rth of the stump &amp: the Umpire gave NO ball for over the waist. Does it make sense

maybe the ball was over the waist height when passing the batsman and maybe dipped down after that.

or cleary the umpire is bucknor.

It’s happened to me as well.

I bowled it over waist height and it hit the bails on the full…it was given as a no ball. I thinks it’s a harsh rule and if the ball is low enough that it hits the stumps it shouldn’t be a no ball.

It can happen but i think it’s stupid. Most umpires will give it not out but then there is &quot:THOSE&quot: umpires.

NOPE….not possible…..
the no-ball rule says that the ball should be above the waist level to be given as a no-ball….

in international cricket,that’s not possible,as all cricketers are usually taller enough to have the waist above the stumps….

well,even short players like parthiv patel or taibu had their waists above the stump level…..

BUT,u could make your own rules when u r playing cricket with friends!

No man the umpire has cheated you or maybe he doesn’t know the rules of the game

Either the ump was a goose and does not know the rules of the game.
Or he hates you.
Or you bowled to a guy who is only 3 feet tall.
Pick one.

Did you sleep with the Umpires wife? He clearly has a grudge

Stumps are not taller than your waist.
Thats OUT if the ball hits the stumps on full.

get over it

Maybe if a midget is batting?

no.. but umpire can do everything

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