What’s the most annoying kind of fan when you’re at a game?

Yesterday I went to the Reds and Cubs game and I was sitting beside this guy who brought notebooks filled with the Reds and Cubs players stats. So every time a player came to bat he’d give this full report on the date of their last home run, the type of pitch they hit the best, and more.

He wasn’t THE most annoying fan I’ve ever seen but it was annoying in a funny way.

Sooo…feel free to share your stories about annoying fans 🙂

Oh, and I hope all my contacts from the baseball section have been doing well! I haven’t been on Y!A in forever.

There’s a couple kinds.

I really hate the die-hard rude fans that go to the game and insult the other team. When the Phillies were playing in the National League Championship last year against the Dodgers, I went to a game and the guy sitting right in front of me booed and screamed at the Dodgers and stuck the finger up and everything. He would not shut up!

The complainers. I hate it when prissy girls [aka my sister] come to the game and complain the whole game that it’s too hot, they’re too hungry, and why aren’t the Phillies winning. Just shut up so the rest of us can enjoy the game!

People that are with every single call. &quot:that wasn’t a strike! this ump sucks! are you kidding me?&quot: like really, the ump will make bad calls accidentally. But in the end the best team wins, so calm down!

I also find it annoying when the weird smokers sit outside the game and are totally obnoxious and try to sell you way overpriced tickets, because thats what they do as a living. [Like the gangs and stuff.]

Greta!!!! Hi!!!

You nailed it, the fan who has to give a play by play throughout the entire game. It grates on every single nerve of mine.
The worst was a Brewer game last season, this man (drunk, I might add) brought a friend who apparently knew nothing about baseball because he had to explain every little thing in detail and of course loud enough to make sure everyone else heard him.

lol that would bug me. I attended a Cards/Royals game the other day, and it was awful since i love the rivalry and the Royals fans since i grew up in Kansas City a Cards fan. But man there was a group of them near us that were flat out obnoxious. It was one of those in your face fans who visits opposing stadiums to announce what team they root for, give me a freaking break. Naturally the Royals won, which I can deal with if there isnt one of their fans bugging me. The entire section was sick of the group, they cheered as loud as they could at every ball and strike, and were like yea we get it your a royals fan.

Wow, I went to a White Sox game, and there were these two annoying hot b*tches sitting behind us. They literally screamed everytime a player came onto the field. You could tell they were bored, since they started screamin into our heads, kicking our chairs, untill we left the game.

yesterday i went to a great lakes loons (la dodgers single a affiliate) game with my mom for her birthday. i wanted it to be just us but she brought along her boyfriend. he got up and walked around every inning. when there was a fly ball he would yell &quot:call it!, call it! somebody call it!,&quot: like they are a little league team, he asked me if the dimensions of the field were the same as the majors, and after one of his walks, he came back, sat down, and proceeded to be hit in the head with a foul ball as he was searching through a lunch box that he sneaked into the game. the usher rushed down and took him to the first aid station as the whole stadium pointed and laughed at us. this is 100% true. i could not make this up.

People who yell and scream when someone on their team so much as scratches his num nums let alone gets a hit or makes a great catch.

Unnecessary cursing … if it weren’t for the new generation of kids watching the games baseball would be worse off than it is.

Apathetic (bandwagon) fans. I just watched Randy Johnson give up a HR and the stadium in (Miami or Ft. Lauderdale/Opa Locka) is virtually empty!

What city is the stadium a part of?

Thanks Corey! Ha .. ha .. ha .. ha .. My bad! (smiling)

No aspersion against the city of (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale/Opa Locka) … they have great fans I’m sure … just not enough of them.

In a large amount of venues the fan support is pathetic.

Greta – How you been trust me the Baseball section has missed you:}

This guy one time kept on asking me bunch of questions about the game , like what do you think about this hitter that hitter and wow and bunch of comments, i like to talk to about Baseball but, i want to watch it lol

And in General Drunk people , Fans who just talk and talk and talk and when their Team is not winning they come up with a bunch of excuses and crap

Hey hope you are doing good

GRETA!!! I’ve missed you so much my goodness I thought something was seriously wrong with you 😀 I hope you are doing well, how have you been?! Message me or something geez lol

most annoying?

the ones who don’t pay attention.. why did you come then if you’re not gonna pay attention? *especially those people who have those AWESOME seats.. I mean are you just gonna sit there, look pretty and talk on the phone all night long geez

The Steve Bartmans and the Jeffrey Maiers!!!!

Nice to see you again. For me the annoying is the moron who feels the need to get on his Cellphone having to tell the whole world he’s at the game &amp: bragging that he paid $1000 for them. He won’t shut up through the whole game

Hey Greta, so good to see you in here.

Most dodger fans are annoying is oh so many ways. The coming late and leaving early. The getting drunk and picking fights. I love to hate them.

EDIT: At tonights game, dodger fans behind me achieved a new low when they let their baby (2 or 3 year old) poop in his diaper, then sit in it for 7 innings while they laughed at the faces he made. What a proud, winning group of fans!


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