Why would you NOT buy a Prius?

Please don’t give me the reason to buy American made, or that some other brand is better. If you’re going to use the HV battery pack as a reason, please post a supporting link so I may read up on this. I’m mainly concerned with the 2nd generation Prius that was discontinued after the 2009 model.

There is no reason to not buy a Prius unless you need the capacity of a minivan or truck. It’s reliable, has a great owner satisfaction rating, isn’t small (it’s a mid-sized car), and has aerodynamic styling. My 2004 now has over 115,000 trouble-free miles and has cost 12 cents per mile for dealer maintenance, tires, and fuel combined. Lifetime average is 57 mpg according to the logbook I keep.

I am at a loss to understand why there are so many haters. Sour grapes? Afraid that they will lose something if cars with advanced engineering become popular? I’ve found the Prius to be one of the best cars i’ve ever had. Exciting and fun-to-drive. It would be very hard to get me back into one of those old fashioned cars.

No car is great for the environment, the Prius is just one of the best if not the best. However there has been a lot of FUD circulated.

1. Some of the nickel for the NiHM batteries comes mainly from the Sudbury, Ontario, Canada mine. There are other nickel mines throughout the world. Toyota isn’t saying how much comes from where.

2. The information used by the detractors comes from the 1960s when the mine, like most all mines, were pretty bad environmentally. During the 1980s the mine was cleaned up and it now wins environmental awards from Environment Canada and others. (AFAIK, there weren’t many Prius made in the 1960s and 1970s, any you find should be worth a fortune).

3. Only about 1% of the mine’s total output is used for NiMH batteries of all kinds. Much of the other 99% is used mainly for tableware and automotive chrome although there are many other uses for nickel, such as coins.

4. All car manufactures ship materials and cars over the world. Toyota is no worse than any other. Note that most of the Toyotas sold in North America are made in North America and with 80% of parts being supplied from North America. The Prius is an exception to this. The Camry hybrid is made in the Kentucky plant.

5. The Prius sold in Japan, Europe, and North America are made in Japan in the Tsutsumi Plant. There is a plant in China but Prius from there are only sold in China and I believe they are different than the ones sold elsewhere.

6. The Prius is made in a zero-landfill factory (so are many other Toyotas).

7. There is a plan to manufacture the Prius in the Mississippi plant that’s currently being built. There is no date set when the production might start. (I believe they will start producing Corollas there until the &quot:kinks&quot: are worked out, though that may change).

8. Most of the plastics in the Prius are bio-plastic rather than petroleum based.

9. A good portion of the repair manual consists of instructions on how to recycle the various components. For example, the wiring harness can be removed with a single pull so the copper can be recycled.

10. Toyota, Honda, and VW are creating jobs in America while the so-called American companies are shipping jobs to China and Mexico as fast as they can. I think I’ll stick with the car companies that create American jobs.

Because the Prius is the greatest scam on the people since the Pinto.

First off, it is not environmentally friendly. The process of making the batteries alone does far more environmental harm than teh exhaust form a properly running gasoline engine. The mining process for the nickel is devastating to the environment. Add in the trip – literally – around the world that the nickel goes through in order ot become a battery. You have more damage than a Hummer H2.

Second, the fuel economy is good, but not incredible. Top gear did a fantastic test with a Prius vs a BMW M3. The BMW actually got better economy: thus proving that its not WHAT you drive, but HOW you drive it that makes a difference. Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKTOyiKLA…

Third is the price. I did a complete breakdown of price comparisson of the Prius compared to a Yaris some time back. I compared the prices of the two cars vs. the amount spent on fuel. The results? You would have to drive a Prius nearly 12 YEARS to make up for the cost difference compared to buying a Yaris.

Finally – resale. These things plummet like a stone when you go to resell them. I can get a 3 yr old Prius at dealer auction for under $9k. You take it in the shorts when you try to trade out of this thing.

You want to be eco-friendly? Save some money? Buy a new generation diesel. Buy a economy car like the Yaris or any other small car and keep it well maintained. Keep your tires inflated. Change your oil regularly. That will be far better than this running joke from Toyota.

To be clear – I like Toyota. I think they build cars that are gerneally decent overall. This thing is nothing more than smart marketing and taking advantage of people who are not well-informed, and want to think they are &quot:green&quot: by buying it

why would i not buy a prius? because the creation of the batteries for hybrid cars leads to a lot of pollution, kind of killing the reason the prius is around to begin with.

i also wouldn’t buy it because the gas mileage is overrated and they’re hideous. toyotas quality in the past 10 years has been painfully bad, sure a lot of people buy them, but does that make them good cars?

there are a lot of cars available that are normal gasoline engines that get almost as good gas mileage as the prius, people just buy the prius because they don’t want to research the car and they take the easy way out. even a 20 year old geo metro can get as good gas mileage as the prius.

The reason not to get one is because it is not the car that it is hyped up to be. It is not even close to being what it is supposed to be. It is a car that reperesents a way of thinking and does not deliver what it promises. tayoder sent letters to the owners of priuses in the past informing them of the fact that the cars do not get the fuel mileage that the news media claims it gets nor does it pollute less than anything on the planet or a good running car. it is not cheaper to operate and you cannot make up any money spent on buying the car by saving gas at the pump.

the fact of the matter is that tayoder loses money on every one they sell as it does cost them $60,000.00 to make and I know that the price you pay for one is not even close. when they first came out their price was about $20,000.00. that’s quite a subsidy.

as others here have said they are not good cars. they are heavy and take special tires. when one goes bad you cannot go to an average mechanic to have him look at it because it is dangerous.
HIGH VOLTAGE. yes there is a lot of danger in working on one if you do not know what you are doing. it takes a specialist to work on one which will cost you tons of your money.
don’t let them fool you into thinking that they last forever.
car battery technology has not evolved or improved that much. they are still heavy and expensive and do not last much longer these days. imagine having to buy the battery for this car.

yes it is a known fact that there are clean diesels out now that beat the prius in fuel economy and pollution and do not cost as much to make or to buy.

Because Prius drivers suck at driving because they all pay more attention to their speed to maximize gas mileage then to actually driving. I can’t stand Prius drivers. That gay little car makes is driven by the worst drivers in the world. And it’s ugly as ****.

Personally, it’s just a small car and I hate small cars. The Prius doesn’t have a good style to it (no offense) and it’s just boring to drive. It would be a good commuter car back and forth to work, but that’s about it.

Heavy, not economical, it depends how you drive it, slow, and boring.
Not for me

because i dont live in the city. a lot of things are far away so a electric motor wont do me any good.

The option of buying a good used BMW!!!!!

because its ugly and its gas pedal can get stuck.

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