Why no special public Reception for the Women England Cricketers?

After such a fantastic effort for their Country why the sex discrimination?

It probably has to do with a lack of coverage of the fact they won the tournament. There were a few small news items on the TV and a bit of newspaper coverage but nothing major (it was largly forgotten the next day). Women’s cricket is still seen as inferior by a lot of people too, so it’s very much ignored a lot of the time (despite how many women actually play it and despite the fact that the women’s team are very successful).

But I’m kind of glad they’re not having any special public reception really, those types of things are daft. The way the men were lauded as heroes after they had won the Ashes was ridiculous. The whole Trafalgar Square parade and the MBE’s was totally over the top and plain silly. I think people nowadays are too quick to bestow plaudits on people when they haven’t done much.

Sure they deserve something, a round of applause and a sporting accolade (for example: being given a Wisden cricketer of the year award like Claire Taylor got today) but nothing more. Going over the top is embarrassing. Success should be seen as a continuous thing that can be built upon and taken forward, special public recognition should be given at the end of a career not at the beginning of one or half-way through it. Having a big award or a parade gives the impression that there’s nothing left to do and nothing left to achieve and that’s simply not the case.

Just because women cricket has not been on main media. Unfortunately no one is interested nor does the media. They cover more about their Men’s side even though they are loosing badly – but no coverage for WC Champs Women side. What a shame.
England Women Cricket and the new champs deserve more than this.

Maybe the lack of exposure and marketing made this win sort of &quot:go into dark&quot: but otherwise women are recognised in sports these days. see the tennis players, so its all a matter of how well advertised the event is.

edit: well there it is, Sarah has the perfect answer. Also she’s from England so she would know better.

It is absolutely unfair.
I am sorry that this has happened.
I wish the Women Cricketers of England all the best to bring more and more laurels to thier country.

it somewhat is a gender unbiased term. Batsman is basically effective, attempting to be politically nicely suited is getting out of hand! truthfully some fool will choose for to start calling them &quot:batters&quot: this is a baseball term which we don’t desire, thank you very plenty! on an identical notice: the crime remains referred to as &quot:manslaughter&quot: even while the sufferer and wrongdoer are woman! they communicate approximately &quot:manned&quot: area flights whether between the cosmonauts is a woman! why are 2 ladies combating referred to as a &quot:catfight&quot: and a pair of adult adult males combating not referred to as a &quot:tomfight&quot:!

its happened specially in cricket

i thought sex discrimination is a big drawback in India but after seeing this i understood it happens all over the world
poor girls wat will they do

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