Why do so many Muslims in the Middle East hate Americans?

Why do they all want to kill innocent civilians so badly and chant death to America, the great Satan?
Why do they describe how they want to kill our kids and slash all our throats? (civilians!)?
They aren’t even al-Qaeda, just thousands and thousands of radical Muslims!

It’s a basic instinct to hate those that are successful in life! It’s the same somehow in America that those that have worked hard, taken risk, received superior educations and lived below their means are hated! One parties whole platform is to bring down the top 20% by additional taxation.
They are just flat jealous of others initiatives paying off–via wealth, contentment and success.
Well, when you have radical leadership in a middle eastern country plagued with gross ignorance– it is easy to fuel the masses into a state of rage!
Interestingly they don’t hate the oil-sheiks that have all the money over there?

hey they don’t even like them selves. why do you think they got so many suicide bombers? justy look at what they did to themselves at the world trade building. not one survived. that tells me they hate them selves bad enough to kill their own selves. i would not call them radical thats too nice a word for them maybe stupid with a relaps would be more fitting.

They are taught it as young people, and as part of thier religious teachings.

They beleive that unless all of the West is destroyed they are not doing what thier god has called them to do.

Mass mind control of a culture by years of training and education.

sorta what our current American school system is doing in its re-writing of American history and constitutional rights

Because we are over there killing their men, women and children. The whole world hates us now. The only friends we have are the countries we pay to vote with us and be our friends. Please remember that the American media does not give us all the news, mostly just our government’s version which not only is incomplete, it is often lies.


They can’t help it, it’s in their genes. I look at them as the missing link, mostly ape, trying to act like humans.

Because of Bush’s middle eastern policies

Why do so many Americans hate muslims?

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