whos a better talk show host tyra banks or oprah?

i think its tyra wat about u

tyra!! duhh..oprah is funny sometiems but tyra is so spontaneous and crazy you never know what shes gonna do next and whatever it is you know itll be great and it will make you laugh..shes the best.

Tyra ’cause she’s more of the &quot:entertaining&quot: person. And that’s what makes the show have more life to it. Oprah, well. . . kinda’ boring. Well I think, because I’ve only watch about 2 shows of Oprah. But I’m still figuring out if that’s the real Tyra, or she’s just acting like that to make people like her ’cause she looks like a real nice person. Well exept 1,2, or 3 times! But still. . .

I like Oprah. The only think I have seen Tyra do is talk about how looks don’t matter &amp: she dressed up as an ugly person to show how differently a person was treated who didn’t look as good as one who looked great. This obsession she has with looks bores me.

Oprah, Tyra’s to into herself.

Definately Oprah

Oprah by far .. Tyra is a model not a talk show host. She talks about pointless stuff and always looks so stiff asking questions aghhh I can’t stand watching her. Ellen is by far the best though she brings it all to the table 🙂


Oprah Winfrey is the best. Tyra emulates Oprah and she sucks.

Oprah. I think Tyra tries to copy her style.

Oprah is a narcissistic sexist bigot and Tyra is flat out nuts.
Take your pick. You are the company that you keep…

Tyra.. oprah seems a lil like a brainwasher.

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