What is it about Bernie Sanders message of health care for all, paid holidays, living wage, infrastructure jobs creation program that…?

…people are turning up in higher numbers for over Trumps message of a big wall to keep Mexican rapists out?

Hope over fear perhaps?

‘The summer of Sanders is heating up.’

‘In just the past week, 28,000 people showed up to see Bernie Sanders in Portland, Oregon, including about 9,000 people who were content to watch the Vermont senator on giant screens in the overflow area. Another 28,000 people joined him in Los Angeles.’

‘All told, Sanders has brought his wonky brand of populism to 100,000 people at rallies and other events since July, easily outpacing Hillary Clinton, spurring comparisons to President Barack Obama’s grass-roots appeal and even earning a few superlatives from Donald Trump’

You know what? He’s getting the biggest crowds, Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, said this week in Michigan. We’re the ones getting the crowds.


It’s partly because Bernie Sanders doesn’t have any decent competition in his primary campaign, while Trump does. It’s partly because a lot of Sanders’ supporters don’t have jobs or children, so they have nothing better to do than go to his rallies. And it’s partly because I don’t think Trump is going around giving big speeches. I think he just does TV interviews.

Update: Yeah, socialism has been very successful in Europe. Pay no attention to the fact that Europe is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

It’s really easy to be Santa and give away things that others have earned. It makes you very popular among the stupid people who don’t understand that the money is coming from hard working people and not the government. It gets you a lot of fans in the leech class.

Bernie gets bigger crowds because so many of his supporters don’t work. Trump’s supporters tend to have jobs and can’t just pick up and spend all that time and money traveling to attend a rally.


I’ll tell you what it is about Bernie Sanders. He wants to use the great power of big government to force changes upon our citizenry. Using big government to force changes is frought with hazards, most of them unforeseen. His forced changes will likely make our economy, which is already very anemic under Obama, even more stagnant and anemic. Is that a good thing? I don’t think so.
&quot:Liberalism always fails in the end. This is because they always run out of other people’s money with which to spend.&quot: –Margaret Thatcher
I personally favor a vibrant healthy free market economy, not encumbered by Bernie Sanders and his big government constrictions.

Because it hasn’t dawned on them yet that THEY will have to kick in and help pay for it. Nothing in life is free. For all this stuff that Bernie is planning on giving away, someone will have to pay and the ‘rich’ are pretty well tapped out. To pay for Bernie’s give aways, the bottom 50% will need to start paying taxes…and not a little, but a lot. I think that that will be a big shock to them.

Moe freebies for all. Same program that got BO elected. What I DON’T find is a PLAN TO PAY for it.

The last 11 people with real jobs in the US will be getting taxed at about a 85% rate to pay for all this crapola.

could be idiocy


Millennials’ Political Views Don’t Make Any Sense

1. Millennials are more liberal than the rest of the country, particularly on social issues, but they get more economically conservative when they make more money.

2. Millennials don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to economics.

3. Far less important, but entertaining nonetheless: Millennials don’t know what socialism is, but they think it sounds nice.

Its quite possible that Sanders is a pawn for some dark knight Democrat.

What is it? It is the fact that apparently no one has yet asked how that Vermont Universal Health Care is going. Maybe when he has to talk about how thing fare in his own state eyes may be opened.

Eye wash from Bernie is what your premise mentions.

Keeping out the illegal aliens is a real plan,

I will vote for Trump.

Liberal/socialist/fascist/communist ideals are NEVER based on reality. Unfortunately for them, someone has to pay for that, and they are certainly not volunteering for that job themselves. History has proven that they will ALWAYS run out of other people’s money. End of story.

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