Question about weenie dog birth?

My dog gave birth last night to 4 puppies:) she was breathing hard and panting during labor and now, 24 hours later, is doing it again, like shes in labot again. She has ate and drank plenty of water since giving birth. Can she be having another baby 24 hours later?

I suspect she is Just Tired Weenies are small so it mus’tve just Keep her hydrated she maybe low and water and fluids here is a link to a website http://www.animalhealthcare.com/handouts/dogs/Breeding4.htm

that can answer some of your questions if she doesn’t stop with in the next couple of hrs you may wanna take her to a vet just in case there is a 5th puppy with birthing complications

There could still be another puppy inside her. This is one of the main reasons why dogs should see a vet immediately after having puppies. But I wouldn’t expect a Backyard Breeder who calls Dachshunds &quot:weenie dogs&quot: to know that. My advice to you would be to pack up the momma and the pups and take them to the vet.

I don’t think it’s possible. Puppy births are 30 minutes apart. But I don’t think 24 hours has ever been the case. Maybe have her see a vet. Try feeling her stomach for anymore possibilities of puppies. It could just be aftershock or something. I’m not too sure. Definately try calling a vet though.

What the heck is a weenie? How does a &quot:weenie&quot: give birth? Now, could you possibly mean Dachshund? You need to get this dog to the vet.

The mama and puppies should have been to a vet today for a checkup. Whyweren’t they?. Something is terribly wrong. Emergency vet. All of them. Now. I don’t care about your money problems. Shouldn’t have allowed her to breed if you have money problems.

Edit. Yes, she could have retained a puppy, now dead. Mama will be dead soon if not at an emergency vet.

Have you taken her temp? A dog’s temp runs higher than human’s, but over 102 indicates trouble and she should be taken to a vet right away. What is the temperature of the room she is in? Is it hot? She could be panting because she’s overheated. I think you should take her to the vet. Any retained puppy is surely dead by now.

The vet should have checked for retained fetuses when you took her in today to get checked out after she gave birth. If there are any stuck inside her still, they are dead, and will cause infection and ultimately her death if not taken care of.

No vet visit today to check the litter and see if she retained any pups or placentas? She may have retained one or the other, she may be in the early stages of eclampsia. I don’t know, but a vet would

needs a vet urgently. probably has a dead pup inside her going septic and that will kill her. get her to the vet immediately. shouldve taken her to the vet for an ultrasound when pregnant. and get your ***** speyed you clearly have no idea what you are doing and shouldnt be breeding.

It is possible that that could happen but not likely. She’s probably just tired after giving birth, but if she’s really worrying you take her the vet.

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