Normally I am a very organized person, but I can’t seem to keep my room clean.?

Any ideas on how I can organize and keep my room clean. Please help!!

Well this is the best way I know. I do most of my housework this way. DonВґt switch your computer off. Set your clock to go off in 15 minВґs time, see how much you can achieve .Ready? All dirty clothes next to your bedroom door, along with any other thingВґs that donВґt belong. Never waste time taking things back until you have finished. All clean clothes to the closet hang up your skirts ,jeans , fold your topВґs jumperВґs and so on STOP. oops . donВґt forget the shoes from under the bed. Once the clock sounds stop and have a rest , but if you think you would rather carry on , then do the same again. Set the clock for yet another 15, minВґs. Just remember when what ever you do decide, always reward yourself, come back to your computer ask or answer a few more Q, or go out with friends. try with 15 minВґs here and there, After all you donВґt want to be spending every day in your room trying to organize it, Especially when the sun is shining outside, And it only takes 15 minВґs a day

I have the same problem. The first thing I do is make my bed. When you are cleaning, stuff always gets thrown on the bed. This way its easier to sort stuff out.

Get a garbage can for your room. It’s easier to keep things clean if you can throw your trash away right there. I also keep a container by my door. If I am in a hurry and dont have time to put something away I put it in that container. As soon as I have time I put it away, but it doesnt make the room look messy until I do.

Put organizers and containers where you need them. Do you take off all your jewelry and leave it on your dresser? Put a small jewelry box there so instead of leaving it out, it goes right into a container. Take your clothes off by your closet? Put your hamper there. Get my point? Thats how I do it and it seems to work really well.

Good Luck!

first, my main problem is laundry.
i take anything i find on my floor (clothes and towel wise)
stuff it into a laundry bag and empty that all into the washer.
dont be afraid to tackle a messy closet either
just open up the doors and let everything drain out
same with messy drawers and underneath the bed

get rid of toys you havent used in the last 3 months
get rid of clothes that are too small for you ( its good to try everything on)

good things to buy to help you get organized :

a clothes hamper (a small one) so you will do laundry more often

a small waste basket for papers and small things

a calender to schedule weekly cleanups

a file cabinet to organize school projects, assignments and chores

a cd rack to put those 20,000 cds away on
along with a dvd rack (theyre major space savers)

throw out any magazines that are torn up, have any missing pages and keep the ones in good condition that are from this month only.

make cleanup days

tuesday and thursday- laundry days
wednesday trash empty day
friday vacuum day
monday dust day
saturday + sunday rest

if you make your bed as soon as you get up, your room will look super clean already. just make sure you wash your bedding every other week.

Don’t allow yourself to lay anything around ever! I keep everything clean but my room and I’ve started trying to keep my room clean as well. I’ll go to lay something down and I make myself put it in the right place, right at that moment. This is in an effort not to get tons of things that are out of place. If you use the lotion… when you are done don’t lay it on the bed, put it back as soon as you are done with it and before you allow yourself to use anything else. If you try on a shirt and you don’t won’t to wear it…. you r not allowed to try on another one until you hang the one up you just tried on! In a hurry, so what…. you still have to do it or your room will start getting messy again. It’s just a little discipline. Hope this works for you…. it works for me.

If you have alot of clothing I would buy bins and store alot of things you don’t wear alot to make space in the closet for cloths.I would leave all shoes in shoe boxes so they are easy stack-able on the shelf or under the bed.I would keep all nick knacks to a minimal and if you are a book collector I would get a book shelf for my bed room .I would put a hook or rack on back of my bedroom door for my robe and night gown.I would also create a area for my mail and personal items to go neatly and then I would try to make sure I put things away after each use and I would also make up my bed each morning before I left the house it gives the room a complete and neat look.

Well when you get things out and then you just lay them around put them up! or like me everytime i walk back in my room for something and i see something out of place i just simply put it back up. i go in my room like a lot and everytime i do i just put one thing up. get containers to put your little things in. or a drawer would work. i have a junk drawer well two of them haha. i just keep odds and ends in there.

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