my god ladies plz read i need all preg n ttc help?

hiya ladies,
this is my upteen atempt at postin as im on my fone so bear with me lol

monday eve i was havin stabbin pains in my belly, then i was admitted 2 hospital tuesday.

2 tests show that IM PREGNANT !!!!
i have no idea how as i havnt missed a period yet but counting from my pos opk it seems as though i have a longer leutal phase.

but, as most of u know my fiance and i were told this would never happen due to his sperm being very poor.

ladies im so scared, i havnt seen a test, the hospital just took a urine sample (not even fmu) and told me of my tiny miricle.

the hospital r sending me 4 a scan, god know when, was meant to be yday but im still here,

luckily the gynea thinks the painns rnt baby related as its sooo tiny xxxx

please please send some sticky dust 4 my miracle and please never give up.

oh we were ttc 15months and 1st month using pre seed everytime ee bd in my fertile time

thanks ladiew

OH HONEY!!!!!! YES YES YES!!!!!!! I am delighted for you!!!! Oh my god!!!!! I am in shock but over the absolute moon for you!!!!

Jesus Lola – the LUCKY preseed!!!!!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you are doing ok sweetheart – I just simply can’t tell you how happy I am that you are pregnant with your little Angel.

You have been sent a little angel from above honey – and I just hope and pray for you that you will have the happiest and healthiest of pregnancies…….my god – miracles do happen!!!!! You never gave up hope sweetness and now you have your dream!!!!!!

Keep in touch sweetheart – I am over the moon for you!!!! xxxxxxxxx

Congratulations to you. Try not to worry, instead relax and take good care of yourself. There are two reasons that you should be excited…they both said positive! That means you’re definately pregnant!!! Have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

you’re not a conctact but i’ve been following you pretty closely! I’m SOOOO happy for you!! What an amazing, heart-pounding thing to happen for you! I’ll give you all the STICKY Bean Dust in the world!!!!!

gratz Mommy :))

im so so so so so so so so so happy for u and billy, congrats so much hun!!!!!!!
u have been so positive and supportive to everyone n i reckoned u were next in line for the good news!!! i really am so excited and happy for you x x
how are u feeling? u must be so all over the place!!! when u get a chance keep us all posted x x x x


I am so happy for you you really deserve it 🙂 See, when god thinks the time is right then it will come.

Well done you two and all the best! Loads of sticky baby dust xx

omg CONGRATULATIONS it’s finally happened for you

i was having such a bad morning today until i read this now i feel all excited ( im so silly )

well im going to keep all my fingers and toes and anything else i can cross crossed for you and i will blow tons of sticky dust your way

keep us posted let us know how you get on x x x

I am not your Contact but I have seen some of your Questions and I know what you went through I have no words to Express how Happy I am for you…and I think you deserve everything good… Congratulations.

Do not stress out please and relax and Enjoy your Pregnancy and you will have a beautiful healthy Baby and even Many more 🙂

Please keep us Posted!

OMG !!! I’ve been reading your posts and I soooo hope that it’s defiantly the miracle you have been waiting so long for!

Sticky Sticky Sticky Baby dust to you!


Oh my god, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’ve been reading your posts and you have both been through a lot.

Tons and Tons of Sticky Sticky Baby Dust to you!!!!

Good Luck!!


The pains may have been your uterus stretching preparing for a baby! I had them from conception until 9 weeks.

Good luck and congrats!

Ahhhhh, congrats hun hope all goes well. Sending you lots of sticky baby dust. xx

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