Miami Heat fans – let’s see what went wrong?

What went wrong with Heat:
– they didn’t have a good 3-point shooter (like Mavs have – Terry)
– their defense was worse than Mavs, that’s for sure
– their stars were streaky (especially LeBron James, and Chris Bosh, sometimes)
– lack of confidence (they didn’t even take split-second wide-open shots and missed MANY free-throws)
– their offense was pretty good, but sometimes floundered
– they didn’t like to draw fouls when their offense did flounder, for some reason

Better luck next year, Miami! Hope you trade Dalembert for James! Dalembert is at least more consistent than that streaky LeBron James.

Lets not forget their bench got outscored by Dallas’s bench. They didn’t have a Jason Terry like player.

Are you the only person that wants James out of Miami? Btw James would take any team to the finals like how he took Miami there after exploding in the SF and CF

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