Isn’t it funny how believers like to use logic in proving the existence of god as if theirs is the right one?

Last time I checked there are different gods from different religions so they still have to prove that theirs is the right one anyway. And no proving that other religions are false doesn’t make your religion the right one either, for all we know all religions could be wrong(most likely are) and if there is a higher power, it could be possible that nobody has seen him/her/it/them anyway.

While I will entirely admit that many of my fellow Christians portray us as a group with no logic or understanding of how the world works, that is not the case with all of us. In fact, as I study more about the world, I am led more towards believing that the God of the bible is not only possible, but real. There is even an organization comprised of astrophysicists, biochemists, philosophers, and theologians who are all Christians and are developing a model for explaining the world that includes God. This group is called Reasons to Believe. They are not &quot:illogical&quot: people, and in fact know a great deal more about the science behind the universe than most people ever will (there aren’t many people with PHDs in Physics from respected universities).

While it is too great to place all the info in here, I assure you that science and the Christian God are not opposed, one in not contradictory to the other. The Big Bang, the Genesis creation story lining up with the fossil record (when it is recognized that the word used for ‘day’ also meant ‘a long undetermined time’), the fossil record, and all of the things in the universe that are incredibly fine tuned within tiny ranges so that planets and life exist, the mitochondrial evidence that all humans came from one mother… These are all scientific evidence that supports a Christian worldview, not contradicts it.

I don’t expect you to be convinced from just what I’m saying, but before you criticize me, do the research yourself. Unbiased research. That means not just looking at the things that say they prove your side. I have read many books and articles by atheists attempting to disprove God, and I had to sift through alot of hateful and illogical things on their part to get to their logical arguments. I read them, and still I am convinced there is a biblical God. Sadly, you will also have to sift through alot of ignorant statements to find the logical arguments on my side, but please do not criticize my worldview until you do. If you are going to claim any standpoint (religious or atheistic), do so because you have done actual scientific research on the matter, not because one smart person or another convinced you. A good place to start are the books More Than a Theory and A Case for Christ.

As any scientist can tell you, if you have already made up your mind what the answer is, it is impossible to do good research. I accepted that I might find proof enough for me to stop believing in God when I researched, and I came back to Him after discovering that logic didn’t require me to abandon faith. Do the same and accept that you might find God before you research anything, and go based off the evidence. If you are going to believe anything, it takes a leap of faith (all of quantum mechanics is based off of scientists having faith that those explanations are true when they are untestable). Get the info and then decide which thing is more worth taking a leap of faith towards.

If they are fatal why are you asking, or is this just proof of the sloppiness of the thought that precedes the sloppy statement. First of all, if anything proves anything about God it MUST use logic. You have been thoroughly rebutted by almost everyone who seriously answered. You hide behind idealism whenever you get a realist counter-argument. Firstly, by your own argument then you are not right either since as you say &quot:Any argument which can be equally used to reach multiple mutually exclusive conclusions is a bad argument.&quot: Does this not apply to you just because you picked ‘your’ side of the mutually exclusive. Secondly, how do you know the laws of logic are indeed what you think they are? — This is your admission that your logic is better than anyone who disagrees with you. How blind you must be not to see the necessity of this conclusion. Thirdly, here’s a direct refutation of the idea that merely because a god made your senses therefore you can trust them.– You never stop to think that if you block off reason this way then it is all on Faith, not reason, and thus the burden shifts to you as it would to a blind man disputing a sighted person’s description of colors.

Well, yeah…
But you forgot one big problem: there is NO valid &quot:logical argument&quot: for the existence of a god of any kind. All of the ones put forth have serious logical problems.
There’s also the little problem that even a *valid* logical argument could ONLY demonstrate that a god of some kind if logically possible, not that one actually exists. To show one exists, you still need actual evidence, not just a claim that one is logically possible.


My position as an agnostic bordering on atheism is exactly that. There is an ever so slight, remote chance that some sort of Intelligence exists in the Universe of which we are unaware –as we’ve only explored about 22% of the known universe anyway.

However, realistically since this intelligence or deity has kept mum for 4.5 billion years, he or it doesn’t seem to be an interested, intervening sort of being anyway. I’ve never said I know for sure there is no deity, only that the current books and doctrines we have about him are all man-made.

And as Well-traveled said, this only means that there could be some sort of being, not that there is reason to believe that there is one.

@Peedi: you really wanna us to compare things to the Bible? The book that says we should stone people to death for going to work on Sundays and stone our kids for talking back? You can’t be serious.

Thats how the devil confused you a millions of others. Jesus Christ is the only True Savior. Analyze all religions, and i bet you will find that none compare to Christianity. For example, In the Quran, it states, that muslims may beat their wives lightly. SURAH 4:24.

The term believer itself means , lack of logic .
One who questions, alone develops knowledge and those simply believe ,only stagnate .

We do not use logic,,we use faith that God put in our heart,and believe me,when you serve the
Right God you will know it, God said I know my sheep and another they will not follow,we hear his voice and feel his love,and no one has ever saw God and lived to tell it,when you see the face of
God your fixing to meet him,

My God doesn’t need my help proving Him. There lies the difference.

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