is ur boyfriend ditching u a bad sign?

i am 15 and have a 16 yr old boyfriend. we go to different schools and he has a dance next weekend which my school is invited to. im going but only to see him and hang out with him. he told me tonight that he might not be going now cause he wants to get an early night so he can play well for his tennis trials the next morning. should i be worried or is this common for a guy?

This is really iffie. It all depends on many things. Here we go.

Did he sound sorry about it, kind of hesitating to tell you? If so, this probably means that he’s slightly reluctant and feels bad about the alleged ditch, in which case it’s not a ditch. He’s being responsible, and wants to do well in tennis. However, he DOES feel bad for not seeing you at the dance.

If he was hurried and said it quickly, slightly snippishly, without sounding sorry, then it might be a ditch. Ask around a little bit and you might find out. Ask him about it.

Other signs are:

Has he been acting weird at all lately? Avoiding you or not talking as much? Does he seem uncomfortable? If so, then you might be close to a breakup. The best thing to do would be to sit down and ask him about the problems. Don’t just ignore it.

In any case, GO SEE his tennis trials. Let him know that you’re not too mad about the dance and you really want to see him play his best. If any of the above statements are true, this will show him that you do care about him, and if it isn’t good enough, then he’s not worth your time.

By the way, I’m turning 15 in about a week. I know how boys can be. =D

He is OBVIOUSLY lying, he probably doesn’t want you there. Listen, you guys are young, a 16 year old boy will not commit long term, he is unable, he doesn’t know how to, he wants to f*** anything that walks, just take your relationship lightly. have fun and when you don’t get along anymore just leave each other. This is a time of learning and experimentation, don’t get too caught up in him.

I would ask him if you guys can have an early dinner then, so you can spend time with him… if he blows you off on that one, then I would be worried. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be totally abnormal for him not wanting to go to the dance, you know?

I don’t know the guy…he may be ditching you…which if so yes it is a bad thing…but if he is really into his tennis, he may be telling the truth…you need to open up to him and let him know how you feel…ask him how he feels as well

Be worried! My ex was like this… you can only guess why he’s my ex now. I used to share a seat with him at lunch, and he’d push me off and tell me to share a seat with his friend.
Or, he would get up and leave me all alone as he go’s to find another table.
Guys can be jerks… he’s obviously putting you to the side.

Its a normal thing so dont worry to much you might end up getting hurt

If he is committed to his sport he is doing the responsible thing. maybe you two can compromise and go to the dance but leave early?

There are probably so many dances, he’s not thinking it’s such a big deal.

If you’re worried, you’ll need to ask him….

well, i guess it’s all based on if u trusted him or not, but i have nevet meet a guy who would pass up a dance for tennis.

no maybe he just wants some time alone but if he goes anyway then you be worried

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