Is this the countdown to World War 3?

With Israel announcing they will attack Iran if the USA don’t stop nuclear advancements could this be the spark for many different worldwide confrontations?

There North Korea and Japan not happy with each other,

Iran, Israel, Syria



China, Russia

All with very strong opinions, sure any use of WMD by any of those countries could be devastating?

Okay, I will give you a summary of the threatening world events that have been happening lately.

Over in Europe a while ago, there was a small fight between Russia and Georgia because of what parts of land each country owns. If it had have lasted a lot longer, other countries from Europe would have stepped in to help Georgia, and if Germany was one of those countries, it could have been bad (remember Germany vs Russia in World War II?).

Lately USA have been having trouble with Israel, and there is the ongoing war of USA, Australia, UK vs. Terrorism (Iraq, Afghanistan). If the trouble with Israel is ongoing, then UK and Australia will step in and will just make things worse.

A few weeks ago, North Korea launched a missile which flew over Japan and landed in the Pacific Ocean. Japan had no knowledge of the missile’s flight path and saw it as a threat.

There have been tensions between countries in Asia such as Pakistan, India and Thailand, which can’t be good.

Also, in Australia, there have been a lot of Asians causes trouble in places like nightclubs, on the streets etc. If Australia decide to kick some of them out of the country, countries such as China and Japan might get angry.

And the cause of most of this: racism.

If all of these get worse, this could well turn into World War III.

Also, Russia, China and North Korea have a lot of nuclear weapons, which were all listed in the problems above.

I hope this helps.

I don’t think so.
No one would launch a WMD, it puts them at too much risk of getting hit back.
There will never be another war like WW1 and 2 because so much fighting can be done without having to mobilise all that many troops. through missiles etc.
The world doesn’t have enough invested in Iran to launch a worldwide defensive against Israel if they attack. A lot of countries would even support Israel, because it would be more likely to be in their best interests than helping Iran would be.

i doubt anyone will really do anything mainly due to the global recession.

Iraq is broken.

Afghanistan has no allies really.

China is our biggest ally especially financially. Obama tries to maintain and increase ties with every country. Still many including me see this as a problem evolved from Global Recessions and a Middle eastern conflict that stemmed from terrorism but has shifted drastically to a power struggle over nuclear weapons.

Yes, it is. The entire world is at the brink in many countries and in many situations. China, Russia, Iran and N Korea are, as Bushie correctly stated it, an axis of evil and they are all sleeping in the same bed together.

you realize, the middle east has been at conflict for hundreds of years and dealt with it only effective without our incompetent pres butting his grasping nostril into it and dropping the yankee dollar on his incessant needs to feed his wallet. i’m shocked China hasn’t bombed them yet, and us purely for having to work out each and every of the infantile scuffling with happening in the information. It is only no longer international conflict 3 yet, they are development as much because it regardless of the undeniable fact that. If theybomb them, it incredibly is only no longer any distinctive than in the previous. the U. S. has been attempting to %. a combat with Isreal for years, and calling it a combat for freedom, while he needs the oil there. they are actually asserting don’t be attempting to thieve our oil too, we will not placed up with it, you bully…. Bush would not have the money or the adult males to handle Isreal and because he’s very virtually out of place of work, he probable will only purchase a while and enable the subsequent human beings restoration his problems only like his father did. i does no longer difficulty approximately it. Isreal is conscious he’s approximately to be out of place of work and that they are only warning him to stay away till then.

China and Russia are not playing big parts in this at all. All the countries that are out of hand can easily be crushed by the U.S. and Israel.

no its not its just a war and that’s it

I hope not

it could so happen…

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