Information About the African American Civil Rights Movement To Adequately Exemplify Issues During Those Times?

-please answer if you have knowledge if you were alive during roughly 1955- 1968
-if you looked into this time period, and are familiar with socio-cultural factors during this time
-Any information would help greatly

I’m writing a short story and I have done a bit of research on the actual civil rights movement, but I don’t want for any part(s) of my short story to be offensive, or any of my information to be incorrect or bias.

Questions towards African Americans:
1) After the movement (approx 5 years after), did you feel as though you were losing a part of your identity (referring to you &quot:blackness&quot: (don’t mean any offense by that term)), and becoming more &quot:white&quot: when it came to traditions, communicating, etc.?
2) Although the movement had ended, was there still much racism targeted towards your racial group? Please give me an idea of the degree of it)
3) How would you feel if you and your spouse had given birth to an albino child? How do you think the child would have felt if they were born in approx. 1972?

To Caucasians:
1) What would the reaction have been if there was a black couple with a seemingly fully white child roaming the street in around 1972?
2) Do you feel as though there was pressure on African Americans to conform to the typical &quot:American&quot: traditions and cultures, losing their own in the process?

Please give me as much information as you can apart from the ones asked as well. Thanks a kazillion.

Many black people actually willingly gave up their identities while seeking to fight discrimination. They began dressing like the white people, and abiding by &quot:white&quot: standards of beauty – e.g. believing that smaller lips are more beautiful. Many actually became ashamed of their skin color and found the word &quot:black&quot: to be offensive. That’s when the whitening products began to hit the market. They also began taking up the &quot:white&quot: culture.
I just read this in a history book two days ago. Here is a great reference for you:

McKissack, P., &amp: McKissack, F. (1987). The Civil Rights Movement in America: From 1965 to the Present. Chicago: Children’s Press.

(There is a newer edition. Check it out from the library, it will be useful for your book).

By the way, you have such a beautiful name. What are its origins?

No, because of the fact African-individuals have been voters of america of a because of the fact the passage of the 14th substitute. so as that they have been battling for CIVIL RIGHTS. To have civil rights, it is easy to be a CITIZEN of that usa. did you be attentive to that foreigners have not got civil rights in Mexico? they might’t artwork, very own assets, or PROTEST! besides the fact that if, human beings in a miles off places usa do deserve HUMAN RIGHTS: the terrific to be taken care of humanely via the government of the country they are in (legally or unlawful). So no, the Civil Rights conflict is something completely distinctive than the unlawful Immigration concern.

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