I walked in on my boyfriends sister having sex?

So I’m 13 and today after school I went to my boyfriends house to hang out until a rehersal (we were supposed to be at mine but the practice was a last minute thing) for a show we are both in. I needed a ride their so his mom said that she would give me one but she had to work untill 30 min. before the practice and we would be home alone because his dad had to work and his sister had swim practice.but anyways when we got home we heard a drop from upstairs like something fell but just ignored it and started our homework in the living room after like 10 minutes we heard a series of kind of scream/moan like things we just ignored it and thought something happened from outside because it was very muffled like 5 minutes later we went out side to grab a leaf that we needed to draw and label and his sister left her shoes in front of the door he asked me if i would put them in her room while he grabbed the leaf (i am very close to his sister i have been in her room tons of times and she s like mine she’s 16 though) so i went upstairs and heard a squeak kind of noise idk how to explain it but for some reason i thought that the cat had got stuck in the room or something i opened the door to throw her shoes in and to my suprise i saw her and her boyfriend having sex on her bed. they did i know i was there but i just shut the door imeatiatly because i was really shocked I just stood next to the door not knowing what to do for like 10 seconds then his sister came out wearing her bathrobe and just looked at me and said i thought you guys were going to your house today? and explained about the rehersal then she said
you know what was going on right?
Im really sorry then she gave me a hug and said she wanted to talk to me about it later and to tell her brother that she was home
so i did but i couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the time

this actually happened the day before christmas vacation so i havent seen since last night but she could talk to me because she was with her mom
idk if i should tell her parents of her borther or anyone idk if i should like text her about it because i wont see her for a while.. but its been on my mind like constantly and i keep thinking about it because shes always been the goody goody type i cant believe she would do this..
what should i do?

EDIT: if you think im lying dont even bother answering because in 100% serious and its bothering me

try not to worry about it. I understand you are young and it can be shocking. If it really bothers you do talk to her about it. text her about a good time that you two can sit down and talk about how you feekl about what you saw. But you have to understand that it was her own decison and she felt that she was ready for sex and you have to respect that as well. Its a natural part of life and one day you will understand it better.

Happy New Years!

I don’t think you should tell her parents, it’s her business.

well you shouldn’t tell on her .. if anything you should Just talk to her.


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