I missed obama’s speech last night?

I missed obama’s speech last night. I was trying to sleep I had a bad headache. My roommate had the tv on, I know Obama said something about ”…In April…. but couldnt make out the sentence. does anybody have a manuscript/transcript of his speech or a link to the video clip from last night?

Contrary to the BS some people are feeding you with a shovel here, he didn’t give us rhetoric. He reinforced his resolution to bring change, and brought up some of the changes he has already made in the first few months.

The &quot:April&quot: thing you heard was that middle class families will see decreased taxes in their paychecks (thereby meaning somewhat larger paychecks) starting on April 1st.

You can read the full manuscript of the conference here:


FYI, most people who are anti-Obama are either A) hardcore religious nuts with no other justification other than their deep-seated fears and illogical ideology, B) hardcore Republican nuts with no other justification other than that they were raised to believe people like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly are comparable to angels, and George Bush and his daddy are comparable to God, and C) hardcore racist nuts who have not other justification other than their own ignorance and insecurity-fueled hate.

If anyone in one or more of these catagories hate Obama’s policies so much, please feel free to show it by sending your extra paycheck money you’ll be getting (starting in April) to my PayPal account. That will prove how terribly wrong I must be, and how righteous the Obama-haters really are. :]

Obama is A Gentlemen Obama is Grace Under Pressure.. and is a Gentleman with Character.. who has the desire to take on an Health Reform problem with stamina , work and honesty to continue to completely the Undertaking of Bringing Health Reform to USA so all Americans will have Health Coverage and the forttitute to see the Health Coverage for all American to the end. ( Final Destination) when all the Good will , and the Desire may have left him and he must face an Uphill Battle all the Way. That is a Gentlemen with Honour. The man who called him a LIAR is not a Gentleman but a Crude Person without any Manners. Yes Let him Argue but to call anyone a A LIAR IN THE Speech is UNACCEPTABLE for a gentleman MARYLAND SENATOR.. RETIRED WITH HONOUR Paul Sarbanes ( in the Senate for 30 years) Greek American Paul Would never call anyone a Liar . No Wonder Democracy and the Faith of the Greek Septuagint and Greek New Testemant was the First of the Christian Bible

I think what our leader Pres. Barack Obama meant was we will all be rolling in money or broke depending on the passage of the budget. He did say and not a dry eye was present that the homeless children bothered him and policeman, fireman and our fighting men and women will not be one of them.

Full transcript can be found on yahoo buzz.

Anyway you didn’t miss much. He was all over the place, vague with answers and kept side stepping questions by using the same buzz words–health care, education and energy-even when they didn’t fit the question.

What was really interesting was when he was called out for increasing the debt and sisdestepped this question by blaming someone else.

You can find it on most of the network or news sites…

Trust me –

You really didn’t miss anything.

It’s more of the same… Let’s spend money we don’t have on project that don’t benefit America, just the people he’s gaining favor with.

It’s as simple as that…

RUIN the PLANET for future generations? BAD
RUIN the ECONOMY for future generations? NO PROBLEM… Just so long as a socialist agenda is established.

I was watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, so I missed the speech too.

Wow… I can’t believe you missed it!

He talked about you for almost half an hour and then some stuff about the economy at the end.

Sorry about the headache, them’s nasty things! If you HAD heard it, it definately wouldn’t have taken the pain away!!! I slept like a baby! Promptly at 8 pm!!!! Don’t spend your day worrying about it – you would have got more out watching MASH!

Don’t worry he’ll make another one tonite. He loves making speeches.

You didn’t miss much. Same old same old. Nothing new. And his explanation of his &quot:politices&quot: was confusing and as I said, nothing new. I hope your headache is better. I get migraines so I can sympathize with you. After his press conference last night, I felt one coming on!

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