how to find out that the person is currently using either is mobile or desktop(laptop etc) to logged in on fb?

is it possible without chatting to find that what device a user is currently using to logged in on his/her Facebook…. !! if it’s then do tell …. if someone is using his/her mobile to logged in then how can i force him to logged in on his Facebook using desktop or laptop ….
here forcing means social engineering techniques!!
i hope geniuses would have understand mine question !! 😛
thanks !! 🙂

Hi someone, Is very easy to know if some login from his mobile when the other person is using laptop its wil show that you are using a mobile phone so what ever device you use it will indicate on the facebook pages.

If theres a little phone thing next to their name in the cgat box, then yes that means they’re on their phone aha &amp:&amp:’ if its a green dot then that meabs theyre on a laptop/computer

if mobile iphone tablet u will get small mobile sighn and green dot if laptop or desktop

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