How do you keep the house clean, laundry done and everything else?

See first of all I have a 2 year old and a 5 month old they are both girls. Then I have daddy and it just seems like all I do is clean clean clean and do laundry, change diapers. It never ends I’m exhausted and just some days I cry. I talked to my husband about it and he says he trys but I say not hard enough. I only have 2 keds but I feel like I have 4. My 2 the dog and daddy. HELP

Know that feeling. First of all, when the dog dies, Don’t replace it. Give your husband some things that are HIS job around the house. Things like if his clothes don’t make it to the hamper–they don’t get washed. Put the dishes in the dishwasher after dinner, while u get the kids to bed. Have them in by 7:30, it’s not too early. or have him do the kids and u do the cleanup, whatever. He keeps the kids while u go grocery shopping. On Sat night, he gets up with the kids. Lots of things u can do so it’s not just on 1 person. Good Luck.

Have your 2 year old help you pick things up on the floor and put them away. You can tell her how big she is and she will like helping. As for dad tell him to either change the kids diapers while you clean or do the dishes. Alternate things that need to be done and let him decide which one he wants to do while you do the others. If not prove a point dont clean for a day or two and then ask him what the hell is wrong with the picture here. Maybe he will get the point and help out.

Yes its such a nightmare! You wouldnt mind all the cleaning if the house looked like you did all that work! I have found that the only thing you can do is be very strict with yourself and rather than getting caught up in the cycle of cleaning/ housework/ more mess/ more cleaning/ exhaustion/ misery, is to do this:
First of all get your man to take the kids out all day for two days one weekend so you can have a good clear out of unused stuff and do the backlog of laundry etc. Write a list of everything that needs sorting, no matter how small, and tick it off as you go to get a sense of achievement.
Then have this routine daily:
1) Quickly tidy and hoover living room just before taking kids to bath/ bed (presuming your youngest does go to bed – mine never did at this age!) so that when you come down you can have 5 mins to yourself and feel a sense of achievement that at least one room is ok. Resist the urge to try to do this all day as it will still always be messy by the evening anyway and guests never turn up during those short times in the day that the house is tidy!
2) Next, quickly wash up and clean the kitchen surfaces
3) Get everyones clothes out ready for the following morning
4) Have a bath/ shower. While the bath is running, quickly clean the toilet and sink. Then make time to relax with your husband.
5) In the morning, get dressed straight away, put a load of washing in the machine and get out of the house. Go to a friends or go to a park or toddler group where you can play with your girls, mix them with other children and moan with other women about stuff and realise we are all the same!
6) Come home to a lovely house that’s still tidy! Stick the clothes to dry, have lunch and then…
7) Go out again if possible! Even if you just take the dog for a quick walk. Or maybe the girls will be worn out from the mornings activities and have a nap? So you can also nap, relax or get extra bits done in the house.
8) Because theyve been so stimulated they should be quite happy to play a little with some toys while you cook dinner. Then have a bit of time with them if possible.
Then do number 1 again, tidying their toys quickly before taking them up for a bath! For the extra jobs that you want your man to do – bribe him jokily with sexual favours if he does what you want him to!
A much more fun and balanced day for you, the children and your man!

Get organized and get a schedule. Google &quot:flylady&quot: she has awesome tips on housecleaning.

For me I have a black binder that I keep everything in. My weekly daily and monthly chore list, my grocery list, and my budget. I can’t survive without it.

The most important thing in my binder – is my time log. Everything I do – I write it down, and how long it took. You’ll find yourself being more productive.

Get a kitchen timer. Set a yourself like 10 mins to do the kitchen. Try to get the basic daily chores done in the fasted time possible. Keep the timer – to keep you on track. If your done early – GREAT! Move on to the next room.

Everyday, I do one load of laundry (sometimes 2) – wash, dry, fold and put away – so laundry doesn’t pile up.

I pick 2 major chores a day – ie bathrooms, floors etc.

Get out – do errands once a week – post office, groceries etc… set one day to do everything.

Get the kids on a schedule. Get some quiet time for yourself, journal first thing in the morning, about how your feeling, how motivated your are or if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, then get showered, dressed – head to toe, do your hair and makeup and get to it. At the end of the day, I would journal again and go through everything you did right that day. In no time, you’ll realize how well your doing and start giving yourself credit.

Hope some of these suggestions help. I know these tools have really helped me.

I am a single stay at home mom of 2, and care for my niece, plus have a dog. I clean during the day, like when the kids are napping. And I make sure the dishes get done after each meal, so they don’t pile up, except for the dinner dishes I keep until after the kids have gone to bed. Have your 2 year old help clean up her toys, make it fun, and praise her for doing it. For laundry I do not do it more than twice a week, and when I do it, I put a load in when the kids are eating breakfast, and then usually just switch them when I have a minute, and then fold after the kids have gone to bed.

The thing that works best for me is to try and make it enjoyable. Play music when you clean, sing with the music, Dance around, Dance when you vacuum… I just try to make it fun.. its really hard sometimes.. Its ok to put off cleaning sometimes… it sucks when you have to clean everyday. What I tried with my husband is Ill say ok we’re doing an 8 minute clean up when you get home from work. So for 8 minutes at least he is completely devoted to cleaning. We pick up laundry- start a load, gather all the dirty dishes, throw away any used napkins, papertowels etc, and save the quick run through with the vacuum for the end. He likes that because its like he is still working- and when the 8 minutes are up he has the whole night to relax. Plus by doing it this way- it saves from him getting home- sitting down and reading the newspaper or watching tv, and not wanting to get up and do anything else- let alone clean.

Try this- you may find it helps. He said he tries so maybe he will try this for you.

Good luck!

Life won’t end if your house is a bit dusty or your sink isn’t shiny or you don’t vacuum every day, regardless of what some websites would have you believe.

Laundry? What is the big issue with it? Don’t buy clothes that aren’t colourfast or that need ironing, and wash everything together. With modern fabrics and detergents there is absolutely no need to sort by colour or type. Bung it all in together. The only remotely time-consuming thing then is sorting it, and that’s a dead good thing for your little one to help with. Daddy’s pants, Mummy’s pants, sister’s pants, baby’s pants. Matching pairs of socks. Finding red things. And so on.

That said, if you are crying all day you need to talk to someone. Do you have a health visitor where you are? If not, your doctor. It sounds like you may have a bit of postnatal depression. It’s REALLY common, it doesn’t mean you are failing, they won’t judge you, and they can help.

Having 2 children at that age, is kind of like having 4 children…you are reallyl in a tough spot right now. What you need to remember is that it is temporary, everything will be all right. If the laundry is backed up, its okay, if the house is wreck, its okay…, it sounds like you seriously need to take some time for yourself!!! You need a half hour a day, or a two hour block a week that you can escape, even if its window shopping, or sitting at the book store, or having coffee with a girlfriend. My biggest recommendation is working out, the gyms have childcare, and you will up your positive endorphins….which it sounds like you need. If you are crying daily, you most likely have some kiind of depression, could be post partum, and you should definitely talk to your doctor. Its gonna be okay girl!! Try to enjoy it!
survivalmom.com for more tips.

HAHAthats humorous run a good deliver! ok you have a baby who’s merely going to be a baby as quickly as. Get to the substantial issues, or merely the stuff you could! and then relax sit down on the floor and play dolls or vehicles or regardless of including your baby!, Your toddler isn’t gonna say wow I want the residing house could have been neater while i grew to become into 2 or 3 or 4, she or he would be able to declare I want my mom and pa spent extra time with me, performed video games, watched a action picture etc….. i think of mothers at the instant attempt to be Too appropriate and that they omit the boat on what their childs youthful human beings is all approximately. Like I pronounced do what you could, yet on the top of the day know which you probably did the terrific to your baby by making use of no longer making your place a precedence over Him/her! and sleep person-friendly you extra often than not have tomarrow once you reside at residing house! sturdy success

Easy. Every night when daddy gets home from work you hand the kids to him and spend 30 minutes getting as much done as you can. Keep the laundry going during the day and fold a big pile during nap time.

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