Hey liberals, why do blue states have better economies than red states?

The Dakotas, Utah, and Texas all have FAR better economies than California, Illinois, and New York, all of which are teetering toward bankruptcy.

I think you asked you question backwards.

Texas gets more handouts from the federal government than any other state, the Dakotas sold themselves to the credit card companies, etc. California’s problem is a conservative policy created by referendum in the late 1970s, prohibiting new taxes. Besides, across the board red states use welfare and other safety nets more than blue states.

The issues are not as simple as you suggest.

Texas has oil, The Dakatos have coal (specifically they produce about 90% of American coal), and Utah has a shitton of mining. All of these are industries which are relatively unaffected by recessions and such. Illinois is losing alot of its Manufacturing jobs to China (which has nothing to do with the State’s politics) and California and New York were both hit particularly hard by the recession as centers of trade.

That is not entirely true, some blue states are doing better than red states and vice verse. Right now, Florida (a red state) is doing horrible.

Blue States are Corrupted, and Welfare States.

Blue states gve more money than they take . While red states take more than they give . So blue states carry the red states . So f*ck you &amp: red states !

Alabama, Mississippi Georgia all red and all been the poorest forever


Texas has a great economy thanks to increase in oil cost, drug dealers and increasing the jobsi n the public sector. Oh and they weatherd the mortgage crisis because they have strict mortgage regulation.

You know, everything you hate!

Cheers! 😀

Couldn’t read the talking points you were handed?

They also have higher fines, and incarceration rates…it is easier when you just fine to generate revenues, and incarcerate your inconvenient statistics.

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