Have you ever given TU or TD just for fun part?

Like you really liked the answer but just because the user is already getting so many TDs, you also give him one. I just did that. Sammy had already got 5TDs in one of his answers. I was going to give him a TU but then suddenly, a wicked idea flashed in my mind and I thought let’s increase the TD numbers. 🙂

God knows why he got so many TDs for that answer. He just stated the truth there except for that vegetarian thing. First thing, there are more non-veg people these days in India and second thing, despite the popular myth that Vegans are generally soft, experts have come up with a new theory that non-vegans strength actually is temporary and have the tendency of catching up diseases.

OK. Let’s not get into that. Have you ever done this kind of mischief?

Sammy is a good lil boy and I love his innocence ( I swear I catch his lies most of the time. 🙂 ).

I know I am going to get answers like “ I don’t care about TUs and TDs” and like that. 🙂

Yes, many times. lolololololololol

Yes, his non-veg part is incorrect. In India there are more Muslims than Pakistan (who are obviously non-veg) but still India have less quality seamers. Its true that non-veg catches diseases faster than the vegans because flesh of animals (like human) accumulates the toxics &amp: diseases over the passage of time and eating that meat transfers that into your body directly. By cooking the meat at high temperature may kill the bacteria but it cant reduce the amount of chemicals and distorted proteins &amp: enzymes.

Edit: I Think I answered too short for main part of the question lol.

I give TDs to abusers and trollers and also to the copy pasters as they are irritating creatures. Sometime when a user unnecessarily spams with a long answer then to hide his answer.

Edit: Joe
TDs/TUs are essential part of the YA. However it can be misused but still collectively its a great supportive system. As you said that a user must not have the right to give TD to another user, but on the other side a TU is also a kind of tool to give admiration to the deserving users. TD is an alarming system which differentiates trollful &amp: harmful answers from useful answers. There is no question of degrading the opinions because its not opinion sharing forum at first place. Its Question Answer forum. So its not the TDs/TUs system which is wrong, its we all who are wrongly using the YA. We should understand the soul of this community system. Its just not a two way &quot:private communication channel between an Asker and an Answerer&quot: where the third user cant make influence, but its actually a &quot:community&quot: where everyone collective decides that which post needs to be give more weightage.
Yes TDs/TUs can be misused against genuine users but… but ….but even the whole forum can be misused, questions can be misused, Starring can be misused, Answerers can be used, BA system can be misused…. So every part can be misused but we cant stop them all, we should look at the positive side of the components too.

Take an example:
An asker asked, &quot:I have very much pain in my stomach since three days, what should I do?&quot:
There are two answerers.
A) &quot:Drink lot of water, everything will be alright.&quot: with 10 TDs
B) &quot: Consult the Doctor, as soon as possible.&quot: With 4 TUs
The asker may not be able to judge the reliability of the answers if he is a kid or a person who is innocent or inexperienced. If there is no TUs/TDs system, he may lost his life by adopting some foolish suggestions. But if there is TUs/TDs system, then high chances he will pick the right answer as BA and as well as a suggestion for implementing it in real life. This was just a symbolic example and need not to be argued.

TUs/TDs also helps a asker to select BA(and to implement the answer in real life) when he is in confusion that which is the correct answer. Please don’t ascertain the value of TUs/TDs system only into the context of Cricket section but take a look as whole at YA, mate.

Yup I have also done that at times but I have never done it to my friends such as you :p. The last time I TD you was when you gave that controversial answer to Lion’s question out of anger about year or two ago, remember lol?

But I have done that to some others who are not my close friends and not enemies either! After all it’s a human nature.

@Joe:- TU/TD, in other words the rating feature is an option given by Y!A to determine the quality of answers. Since this is not a chatting forum where anyone can say anything which nobody cares, there should be a method to rate answers for a knowledge sharing forum like this. I agree that at times this feature is misused by some users by giving TD to good quality answers but as a whole this is an OK method…

I normally only use the TU/TD system when people answer my questions. All answerers get a TU, unless they are racist, offensive or just copy answers. If the answerer is trying to offend me it is okay, they will get a TU (god knows I have given enough of them to a certain user) but if they are offensive to other users, people or groups I won’t TU. Saying that I do sometimes TD people with a crap load of TDs just for the hell of it, I don’t really know why 🙂 I think they should remove the anonymity from the TU/TD system, it would be a lot more interesting that way!

Rarely use the feature but have TD for fun. Especially when some recognised good user is copping it. Just for fun though.

Some users here from Down Under generally use their tons of account to give TDs to honest and truthful answers against them.

so you give thumbs up when their are lot’s of thumbs up?
http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/ind… – with 10 TU and 0 TD you owe me a thumbs up 🙂
jokes aside i also do the same thing but only if the answer has 0 thumbs up and 4+ thumbs down or the other way around.
i literally can’t resist 🙂

Yes,I do give TD’s especially when I see someone copying a genius answer and posting it without effort.The funny thing is people still keep doing it lol.

Rarely use the feature but have TD for fun. Especially when some recognised good user is copping it. Just for fun though.

No. Thumbs up and thumbs down is a childish feature that should be removed given the age restriction they have for yahoo answers. Personally I think it is pathetic to thumb up or down. Why should what you say, I say or anyone else say have any determining factor as to what another person has on something? That is effectively what the thumbs down button does when it hides an answer. Because it gets a certain percentage of thumbs downs instead of thumbs ups, the site thinks it is good enough to deny freedom of speech and block your comment from being seen without specifically asking for it to be shown. As if the excessive control freak nature bordering police state terms of service are not enough to keep bad answers from staying up. Heck many decent answers or questions are reported and removed just because they may be bordering the chat term, or something else which is hardly worthy of getting a violation and possibly your account suspended for.

@Dinith- sure it is not a chat forum, but the term chat on yahoo answers covers a lot more than just a &quot:hello, how are you? I am good what are you doing?…….&quot: An answer to a question such as &quot:who is a better bowler, Shane Warne and Muttiah Muralitharan? Give your reason for your answer.&quot: would be considered chat under the yahoo terms of service. This is despite the fact you are answering a genuine question however repetitive the question may have been over the years on here. If I answer Shane Warne. The reason is because he bowled the ball and took most his wickets on pitches not made for spinners.&quot: That is considered chat even though I am answering the question exactly as the asker requested. Why should you have the right to thumb that answer down simply because you do not agree with my answer? The quality of my answer is as good as any who reply to that question. The feature does not even work all that well on questions such as &quot:what is the highest score by an individual in test cricket?&quot: Someone says 375 by Brian Lara and gets thumbed up heaps despite being incorrect. I answer Brian Lara with 400 not out and then give a link proving my answer is correct. I get plenty of thumbs down despite my answer being the correct one and most thorough, but because I have fools thumbing me down heaps because they dislike my views on some things, my answer is hidden despite being correct and the incorrect answer is being made to look as correct by all the thumbs up even though it is an incorrect answer. This sort of thing happens often in genuine questions I answer in this section.

Mostly TD for long drawn out answers,as they take up too much room on the screen.

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