Explain how natural law and revealed low is evident in the 10 commandments?

explain how natural law and revealed low is evident in the 10 commandments
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If you ask many of today Christians what must they do to obtain eternal life, they’ will say, be saved in the name of Jesus and have faith.&quot: If you ask, what (if any) are God’s laws? Many will begin to recite a few of the 10 commandments, Most are familiar with &quot:thou shaft not murder, thou shaft not commit adultery, and Thou shall not Steal, &quot: (Ex. 20)

But most will say that the other laws that are mentioned in &quot:The Old Testament&quot: were done away with and we as human beings don’t have to abide by those laws anymore, They have been told by their preachers that Jesus nailed all of those to the cross. Now all you have to do is believe in your heart and confess with your

mouth that God raised Jesus from the dead and you shall be saved, Doesn’t that sound just a bit too easy for too gift of eternal life? If we stop and think for minute about the laws that are set up to govern the land and the need for there to be laws, we must ask ourselves wouldn’t a God who created man and set him up to rule the world give him guidelines to follow in order to do so, effectively but most of all righteously?

The United States of America has a governing system set up to guide ifs nation and the citizens who live therein. The Constitution being the over the overall dictatorial, governs the entire nation. Trickling down from the Constitution are the federal laws, state laws, and local laws. There are also agents set in place to enforce these laws. On the Federal level there is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). On the State level there are Senators for every state representing The Republican and the Democratic parties. We also have Governors for every state. On the Local level there are Mayors for every slate, and police officers for every city. All put in place to enforce the laws set forth by man. And the citizens of America follow these laws (most often) and understand the need for them: when it comes to the laws of our Heavenly Father well, that’s another story.

People don’t think that the Creator of all things has the right to impose laws and stipulations on His creation. That’s deep, I think that is because men can’t see YAH so there is no fear. But mankind fears the enforcers of the Man made laws because we can see them. All of us are guilty of speeding in our cars. But when we see a police Car, what do we do? We slow down, stare in our rear view mirrors to see if he is coming after us for fear of the repercussions. And if we do get caught, we beg and plead for mercy.
Why don’t we do that with YHWH? Why aren’t we afraid to break his laws, understanding that the penalty of sin is death? Why don’t we beg and plead for His mercy knowing that we don’t have to look over our shoulders because we have been caught for He sees all things?

Natural laws can’t be broken by your will. You can’t step outside and think &quot:I’m going to float to work today&quot: and you suddenly defy gravity.

I don’t see natural law revealed in the 10 commandments, because you can break every single one of those by your will alone.

The first four commandments are relational to God and therefore are revealed by God. Breaking them destroys your relationship with God.

The remaining six are relational to other humans and are therefore in the natural. Breaking them destroys your relationship with other people.

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