Do You Want To Be Cremated Or Buried When You Die?

Buried. I don’t want my living family to have to picture my body turning in to ashes, that’s kind of sick.

Cremated. Firstly Its cheaper and secondly I couldn’t bare the thought of lying in a coffin for eternity I suffer with claustrophobia anyway.. ha! No I’d like to have a bench with a plaque on it left in memory of me but other than that ashes to ashes dust to dust I think.

By the way I have already purchased my funeral. The cheapest coffin since it’s gonna been burnt anyway. I’m 55yrs old and think…mmmm best buy it now and if I live another twenty years I’ll have had a good deal. We did this for my step dad eight years before he died and it was amazing how much the cost had gone up in that time. Thus he had a 2007 funeral at 1999 prices and it was a really beautiful.

Cremated, personally i think that the practice of burying our dead in sealed wooden boxes is sick and weird. what are we saving the bodies for anyway? why do they need to be in boxes to slowly rot away and give nothing back to the earth? decomposition is a natural part of the life cycle and burying people but keeping them sealed off from everything else just defeats the point. plus saving all those bodies wastes space. once someone is dead there is no need to keep their body. every time i go into a cemetery all i can think about is how i am walking on top of decaying nasty corpses. i mean i understand that most people would disagree with me, and that’s okay, everyone can have their own opinion.

Neither! OK so technically buried but let me explain cause it’s a little weird. I want to be buried but without a coffin and then have a seed planted above so I could serve my purpose and decompose the way nature intended!
since it’s now possible, be turned into a diamond and become a REAL family heirloom.LOL

I know I’m weird and creepy, but I don’t think death should be taken so seriously, it’s just the cycle of life. Also I think SOMEONE should at least profit from my death, be it an oak tree or my family. Just imagine, instead of visiting a boring gravestone next to thousands of others or just letting an urn collect dust on a mantle, future generations could visit a mighty oak tree or have a beautiful piece of jewelry.


I want to be cremated. I don’t want to rot in a box when I die. Not that being burned is any better. But I don’t want my ashes to be kept in a bottle either. I want to be spread up in the mountains. I know this sounds suppeeer corny, but I feel like I would be more apart of the world and nature. I love nature and that is just what I choose. Either that, or donating my body to research.

Cremated – 2 reasons:

-I don’t want to waste space on Earth by being buried. Free space for living is already pretty scarce, so why use it to die….If u know what I mean.

I’m not really sure. At first I wanted to be buried but now I think I might want to be cremated and have something cool done to my ashes.

I want my family to not spend a dime and let my tax monies pay for my burial, so whatever the city/county does as they normally do, is what I will have done. I learned about emballming and cremation and they are both so gross, I dont want either of that done but it wont be my choice when the time comes.

cremated. I think the idea of being buried and having people have to take care of my plot and visit it with flowers is ridiculous. A waste of space. I want to be scattered also, not kept in an urn above the mantle.

Cremated – its cheaper.
My husband is thinking of being cremated as well. We would use one double urn and leave instructions for the kids to shake it once in a while to show Mom and Dad a good time.

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