could i buy a car without a driver’s license?

i dont have a dirver’s license because i suuuuckk!! at doing to driver test…i failed it about 40 times for the past 2 years now…i have never been cought by cops before bcuz im a good driver, but i suck at the test…i have to do the test on the computer and i keep failing…if only i passed it, then they will test me on my driveing, which sucks bcuz i cant pass the computer test first :'( …

im starting college in 3 months, and its 30 from AP to Phoenix, and i really need to get my own car because i dont want my brother to keep taking me all the way to phoenix and going back home, and going all the way back to Phoenix to pick me up, and all the way back home again everday…i would feel bad about it…i would take the bus, but since new AZ transportation fees went up, its $8.00 for a all day pass, and i cant do that everyday :'( and plus, too much creeps in tha bus ewww …..

i have saved alot of my job money, and saved alot of my babysitting money ((i babysit whenever i get the day off)) and i am now ready to buy a car… Soo could i still buy a car even tho i dont have a driver’s license?

how are you failing constantly in 2 years can you actually drive or what? you cant even pass the permit test? please just stop i’m not being mean but this is ridiculous. you better get used to your brother taking you to school because you can’t buy a car from any car lot without license. and stop with that &quot:eewww&quot: crap stop acting like a queen driving a car is a privilege not a right if you can’t past the test you don’t drive. the only place you can buy a without a license is on craigslist but majority of those cars are crappy and can barely run and they wont give you a license plate the only way you can get a license is by getting insurance when you register the car. and if caught by a cop the car will be towed you will be ticketed and summoned to court where you will get fined.

you can basically buy a car off the street but you wont be able to drive it because you need to register the car to get a license plate you need insurance to get a car registered you need a license to register a car. and on a car lot you wouldn’t even be able to test drive a car let alone buy one without a license and insurance.

and if you have enough money to buy a car but cant give 8 dollars everyday for a bus pass you need to realize YOU ARE NOT A F*CKING QUEEN EITHER TAKE THE BUS OR PASS THE TEST.

Don’t listen to any of these haters!! When I was 20 years old I bought a car without a drivers license and was able to register it under my name. The only thing is I paid in cash at a second hand car lot that does not require credit check or allow any financing but the car lasted 5 years and paid only $2,000 for it. Of course it’s always better to get a drivers license just in case you get pulled over and you won’t be able to get an insurance on it.

Yes, can buy a car without a drivers license. But you can’t DRIVE it.

you can buy a car and you may even drive it without a driver’s license. But, beware if you get caught the cops may seize the car. And I also guess that you become nervous during the test and that is why you fail. So, try calming your nerves, and then take you tests, you will be fine 🙂

Craigslist Phenix City Al Cars

you can buy a car without driver’s license ,but you can’t drive a car without it , i know your feeling ,i also hate doing driver test ,but i have to ,and now i got the license ,good luck to you !

Yes there are several teenagers around here 14 &amp:15 who own cars. They have them parked at home and are working on then for when they get there license to drive.

How do you fail a driver’s test 40 times?

I really hope you saved a WHOLE bunch of money, because you will need it to pay al:l: the tickets you will get for driving without a license, not to mention the tow bills and impound fees. When you use initials, no one can understand what you mean. What is AP and it is thirty what from Phoenix, minutes? Miles? kilometers? parsecs? Did you mean AJ (Apache Junction)? I was a deputy sheriff in Pinal County.

You can buy a car but you won’t be allowed to drive it off the lot.

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