Why is it that movies and TV shows always portray Atheists as immoral people?

Grace Hanadarko is the main charavter in the TNT drama called Saving Grace. She is a Catholic-turned-Atheist. She’s a heavy smoker and drinker and has slept with more than 9 men as of Season 1.

Gregory House is the main character in the TV show House MD. Although intelligent, he’s arrogant, immature and rude.

Ok, i’m a devout Catholic and I’m easily angered when people portray Atheists that way. I’m also unhappy when people say:

Atheists are immoral people who live by no rules
Religious people are all idiots who have faith in a nonexistant being.
Liberals are all cowards.
Conservatives are all warmongers.
Mexicans all deserve to be deported out of this country
African-Americans are the cause of the high crime in some American cities

We all know what’s stated above isn’t true. When I was in high school a while back, my best friend was an Atheist. He was a great guy and at times, his judgement was better than mine. There was this guy named Caleb who was a Christian that carried a Bible in his backpack. All I can say about him is, &quot:WHO IS HE TO BE TALKING ABOUT GOD???&quot:. Caleb had said more swear words In 5 months than The Amazing Atheist has in all his videos. WHAT TYPE OF CHRISTIAN IS THAT???? So what’s Hollywood’s problem with Atheists? My beliefs are the total opposite of an Atheist’s, but I still don’t believe in making them look like immoral people.

You’d think Grace would be a forced believer as she encounters God on the show (at least that’s the impression I get from the previews – if I’m wrong, which I very well may be since I haven’t actually seen any episodes, lemme know).

House IS portrayed as an extremely unlikeable guy, but in an intentional, endearing way. It’s also hinted that he has something going on far, far below the surface, that he’s not all gloom and cynicism. He DOES value life no matter how short and cheap he thinks our deal is overall.

Go watch &quot:Chocolat&quot:. The main character is an atheist and portrayed in a very positive light.

And that’s why the country needs more people who think like you.

The entertainment industries often seem to stick with what people recognize (or have been taught to recognize) as a character type. …atheists are bad, christians are stuck up virgins, fat kids and those with glasses are nerds, the good looking guy is an athlete and a jerk, the Jewish person is about money, the black person is all the stereotypes they can think of, the gay person is swishy…

One of my favorite books I’ve ever read even had a character that was never called just by name. Every mention of it was as &quot:Joe the atheist.&quot: (Geez, any other group would be offended…) While the character was not as stereotyped as some, they still portrayed him as a cynical and detached.

That is because Athiest represent themselves as immoral. You first need to define what the word immoral means. The defintion of immoral, is
&quot:Not moral: inconsistent with rectitude, purity, or good morals: contrary to conscience or the divine law: wicked: unjust: dishonest: vicious: licentious: as, an immoral man: an immoral deed &quot:

Now when you look throughout the bible someone that does not believe in God, or someone that rejects Christ’s truth is deemed to be immoral. You see, Christ is good. He is the opposite of immoral. When you choose to reject him and go your own way, and live how you feel you should, aside from his principles, then you ar ebeing immoral. Satan he is the same thing as immoral. He stands for anything that is against God. His job is to get you to continue living that way because he knows that it displeases God.

Because it is obvious that we are extremely immoral…right? I mean, paying bills, working hard, going about day to day business all without the aid of a higher power…man, it’s so scary!

Many shows are made by Christians, although those are only 2 examples.

Because that is what many people still believe. It’s really sad how they are just perpetrating a lie.

How can anyone say African Americans and Mexicans need to live this country when they are the ones who built it.

I think it just shows how easy it is for intelligent people to get very irritated with the world.

That’s why I’m a jackass.

if you believe you need forgiveness for everything you’ve ever did wrong and believe and recieve Jesus into your heart, He will guide you in to all Truth. blessings to you. immoral to me is ANYone who volantarily seeks to do unclean things and indulges in unrestrained appetites of the flesh. spiritually and physically. moral is the understanding of right and wrong conduct.

African-Americans ARE the cause of high crime in SOME cities.. LOL.

that one isn’t a stereotype.. It’s a fact, i’m sorry.

I’m not racist, it’s just all in the statistics…

To answer your question.. I don’t know.

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