Why is Dubai more successful than the US at living peacefully with many religions?

Even though Dubai is in the UAE where the state religion is Islam, with sharia law, it seems in Dubai…there are not only muslims, but hindus, sikhs, and christians living together without clashing. What is it they’re doing that allows this peace? I suppose a wise law they have is not letting people display their religion in public by means of praying and speaking out about it and what not. I guess if you prevent people from showing it in public, but let them practice it in their homes it seems all is fine.

It’s because the Ruling Family is trying very hard to keep Dubai a place where people will invest and work.

They know fully well that without the foreign investments and labor, Dubai would be nothing more than another piece of desert.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the all the other Emirates are doing this only becaue they know that their Economy will be in ruin if left n the hands of the Islamic Fundamentalists.

Look at what Islam has done to Somalia, Sudan, Yemen etc.

All the other Islamic Countries are in ruin today.


More successful? Utter nonsense.

Sorry, Dubai has been doing this for a couple of decades, and even then there are very strong laws about not openly promulgating religions other than Islam — laws that include corporal punishment. That’s not exactly ‘peaceful.’

The USA has been living with religious freedom for well over two centuries now, and we’re honestly doing a pretty good job. We have sikhs, hindus, muslims, and jews all living within a few blocks of each other in some cities, without riots and purges, and without laws saying that people can’t talk about their religion with Muslims.

Edit: Bickering? So to you, having a debate is some kind of failure, but corporal punishment for talking about alternate religions is just fine? You are NOT a secular humanist pacifist.

Back the day Europe got sick of all the religious nuts and sent them to america. These included a flock of non believers and skeptics(Known as the founding fathers) The led the delusional religiNUTS to rebel against the crown and create a secular nation (even though the concept wasn’t widely accepted with the public). The revolution succeeded and the U.S. was born. The founding fathers feared the religiNUTS and out of this fear created the electoral college out of the fear of what they might to if the deluded public was given power. Then later on the religiNUTS took over and established the once secular nation, was now a Christian nation. This assertion opened the flood gates of discrimination on everyone that wasn’t of their faith. The problem with declaring it a christian nation is that there are so many denominations and none of them agree with one another thus resulting in an endless feud

I know this isn’t a completely accurate assertion on history, but close enough. After all have faith…JK

Because that’s the normal thing, what is not normal is America, a country full of crimes .. my hometown is in Kuwait, and I couldn’t feel any safer living there, in the entire country there could be only a few murders every year and sometimes there are none.. I have to say that there are a lot of political problems because of religion and origins though, and that is why the UAE surpassed Kuwait in terms of development and implementing great projects, however I still feel A LOT safer living in Kuwait than in America. I think the UAE is the least extremist Gulf Arabian country, they even allow sales of wine and alcohol and have bars,which the rest of the countries in the region, and they have less discrimination in their society that is probably why they don’t have a lot of issues.

By restricting everyones freedom of speech and by imposing draconian and barbaric penalties for not obeying their law.

I cannot think why anyone wouild visit Dubai, it’s just an oversized duty free shop, where silly morons spend their time buying gold, perfume and trinkets.

What kind of holiday is that? A posh hotel and nothing else to do

Edit will have a think about this then , in that case
&quot:According to the U.S. Department of State annual report on human rights practices, the UAE is violating a number of fundamental practices. Specifically, the UAE does not have democratically-elected institutions and citizens do not have the right to change their government or to form political parties. In certain instances, the government of the UAE has abused people in custody and has denied their citizens the right to a speedy trial and access to counsel during official investigations.[2]
The government restricts freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and the local media practises self-censorship by avoiding directly criticizing the government. Freedom of association is also curtailed.
The UAE has not signed most international human-rights and labor-rights treaties, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families, and the Convention against Torture.&quot:

Strong administration, ONE.
And complete restriction on religious discussions in public. Now, that may sound authoritarian, but that’s how USA can manage these religious rifts among the people living in it from different religious and ethnic backgrounds. I may now be blamed of being against the freedom of speech and fundamentalist etc and so on and so forth, but I think human life is much more important than freedom of speech.

Quran tells us to respect and accommodate people from all sects and religions we even have sections in the supermarkets where we sell everything christians and others would want to buy.
It s called love, mutual respect.

People keep telling you lies about islam, that it is a hateful religion and muslims hate everyone on earth except themselves, that s a BIG HUGE FAT LIE You ve been told by your media. We hate nobody.
For the terrorists, oh they were funded and supported by you to serve your agendas.
Now about people praying and displaying their religions: we have churches and temples for different religions in the arab world. People can pray and practice their religions we don t mind because them doing that on our lands will never affect our faith because it is very strong.

Peace is not necessarily an indication of success if evils agenda is prevailing.

Dubai is a city. America is a huge friggin’ country. You’re comparing apples to dragons. How’s the rest of the UAE doing, eh?

In America, most Christian Cults have images of God and his alleged son – drawn in their own likeness. Thus, it almost requires a paradigm shift for whitened people in particular – to perceive God &amp: religion outside of the ‘wholly’ container they’ve placed these in.

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