Why do Black women choose Thugs over Nice guys?

60% of blacks in America are being raised without a father because so many younger stupid women have kids with ignorant thugs over good christian black men.

These ignorant thugs get 5 and 6 different women pregnant and are not being fathers to those kids.

Im a happily married black woman im married to a good christian educated black man and i just wish more younger black women would stop choosing the ignorant thugs and start choosing nice christian black gentlemen.

I am glad to know you have common sense and aware of this problem in the black community. With that statement alone, this is one of the biggest reasons why young Black children, especially males end up in gangs, shooting or completely, fvcked up because the lack od disciple and guidance in the homes.

I really hope one day that young black women realize that their thug with an illegal job, in and out of jail, impregnating different women has extreme consequences, especially bringing children to the world.

With that being said, I always preferred good men over the bad boys because I don’t see anything appealing about them less drama and stupidity in my life.

Black men, have less tongue pigmentation than white men.

christian doesnt mean good men…

Thats not true …BUT…

70% of white marriages end in divorce.

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