what would each zodiac sign do in kindergarten?

this is oddly worded I’m basically asking what a kid of each zodiac sign be doing at school when they are a kindergartener

Aquarians would be looking out the window at the squirrels running around and asking the teacher how they’re able to &quot:stick&quot: to trees.

Pisces would be on their mats all day dreaming about recess and thinking about how they would like to kick the Aries ***.

Aries would be bullying the smaller kids into surrendering their crayons and possibly pb&amp:j sandwiches.

Leos would be spinning in circles saying &quot:look at me! betcha can’t do it like me!&quot:.

Scorpios would drawing swirly circles of pubic hair on the stick figure drawings and lol’ing about it.

Capricorns would be trying to tape together the broken crayons to make use of them.

Taurus kids would be telling the kid next to them that they’re coloring the wrong way and HAVE to trace the lines first.

Virgos would be complaining about the broken crayons that the Capricorns are fixing and telling the &quot:breakers&quot: that they should just use colored pencils.

Geminis would be getting in trouble for talking to the kid on the mat next to them during nap time.

Libras would be trying to decide whether they wanted to get involved in the broken crayons argument.

Cancers would be trying to find band-aids for the kids that scraped their knees at recess.

Sagittarians would just be chilling in the corner watching everything else go down but staying neutral while talking to their friends about kickball.

Aries- Throwing crayons at people who make them wait for anything.
Taurus- Eating sweets and screaming at anyone who tries to make them share.
Gemini- Chatting to anyone who will listen about Teletubbies.
Cancer- Playing house and being the mother.
Leo- Draw themselves a crown and get up on the table and start dancing and singing.
Virgo- In the book corner putting all the books in categories based on the colors (doesn’t know alphabet).
Libra- Smooth talking the teacher into getting gold stars.
Scorpio- Staring at people they hate, and then shoving a crayon down their throat.
Sagittarius- Pretending to be a plane jetting off to the playground to run around for ages.
Capricorn- Top of the class.
Aquarius- Making a spaceship out of the chairs and tables.
Pisces- Asking what people’s favorite colors are, then drawing them a love heart in those colored crayons (I am a Pisces guy and I did this in kindergarten)

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what would each zodiac sign do in kindergarten?
this is oddly worded I’m basically asking what a kid of each zodiac sign be doing at school when they are a kindergartener

This is just for laughs for those that take this too heart too easily

Aries – wrestling and playing war games with toy guns
Leo – surrounded by 5/more girls admiring her
Sagittarius – out in the field playing soccer/football

Gemini – playing hide and seek with the other kids
Aquarius – playing restlessly with his new PS3 or Ipod or any gadget that’s in pop-style
Libra – can’t decide whether to go and bug Aquarius or play with Gemini

Capricorn – can’t be bothered, trying to finish off his work in peace
Taurus – stealing the kids launch box and later denies ever going near them
Virgo – planning some stuff on her note book

Cancer – really pissed of cause someone took her launch
Scorpio – starring at the teacher with puppy love on his face
Pisces – drawing spaceships, aliens and other planets

well im a virgo and when i was in kindergarten i would cry bc i missed my mom but my brother also a virgo was pretty well of lol XD but we both liked art ..and drew alot ..even in high school during class i’d pretend to pay attention and draw in my notebook

also i was really quiet lawl

but i remeber when i was in school w/ my cousin she was a gemini and lawl she can talk for days i was so quiet that she talked for me…and i was older than her &gt:.&gt: ….embarassing

ARIES: fighting and bullying other kids. wanting everything.

GEMINI: jokes of the class. talk while teacher is giving a lecture.

AQUARIUS: always get in trouble with the teachers because of not behaving properly like the rest.

LEO: always wearing a crown or a cape or a dress.

SAG: always outside playing.

CANCER: likes to eat all the time. Play house.

SCORPIO: lifting up girls’ skirts, chasing trying to kiss them.

PISCES: always daydreaming.

CAPP: always the top of class. smart and quiet.

Aquarius: the weird crazy kid that everybody is freaked out by and afraid of. Always causing and getting into trouble.

Quiet. Sometimes lively. Do some Art. Be shy to take part in activities. Run around with different friends LOL.

Aries – Jump off the roof for fun
Taurus – Take care of the shyest kid in the class
Cancer – Play house and dream of having a family
Gemini – Read a book and Analise it and write a book
Leo – Do sports and win
Virgo – Play monopoly and learn about negotiation
Libra – Play judge and fair is fair
Scorpio – Be the lawyer and literally convince the Libra judge that the table is blue not red
Capricorn – Help the teacher in managing the class
Sagittarius – Watch Dr. Phill and do homework on their own??
Pisces – Share toys with the other kids
Aquarius – Do arts, crafts and decorate the class

i was a total rowdy! i bit people, hit the teacher, was totally out of control…..
but then bam! grade 1 started and i became extremely shy, quiet and sensitive

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