What is internet service provider ? ?

I download the O2Jam.ph.. and I’m from malaysia..it wont let me play..

I see the forum and the Gm says that i need my Ip address , Internet Service Provider and Location..

I want to know what is Internet Service Provider

Your &quot:Internet Service Provider&quot: or ISP for short, is the company that services you your internet. Basically the company that gives you an IP address to be able to travel the internet. Your network bridges to their network so that you can traverse the internet. So whoever you are paying for internet, is your internet service provider.

Internet Service Provider is whoever provides your internet access. If you can get your IP address, the forum members should be able to trace it to your ISP so that’s all you really need.

Your Internet Service Provider is the company that you get the internet through. It might be your phone company or your cable company.

the company that gives you internet.
AT&amp:T, Optimum online, Insight

its a company which provides you the internet you need like &quot:dsl&quot:

It’s whoever you pay to get your internet connection.

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