What factors cause a person to become an atheist?

I need to write an essay about this topic and i need some ideas. I need to divide my arguments into: Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology.

I’m sure you can make it fit into such categories but I don’t know if it’s always applicable to every atheist. I am an atheist and I don’t think psychology, sociology or anthropology had anything to do with it – if anything environmental encouragement did because my parents who are both christians, always encouraged me to think and question and I apply that to everything. So when I was a teenager I started questioning what in religion didn’t make sense to me and by studying religions on my own and on the college level I came to the conclusion that there are no deities. So for me, enviroment and education were the major factors if you want to tag any.

Facts. Facts are the factors that contribute to an atheist philosophy. It’s really easy. Just take something you think you know about the bible or Christianity and research it. You can start any place at all. It is all a big lie. The bible is a collection of myths that were strung together in an effort to create a single religion from many.

The Psychology of the Atheist is that they do not accept things on belief or faith. They go out and do the research to find the facts.

Sociological research does not support the divinity of the Jesus figure. Jesus was in reality a political figure. From the house of David, his fathers side of the family, he was in line to be &quot:King of the Jews.&quot: From his mother’s side, The House of Arron, he was also of royal blood and in line to be a Religious Leader of the Jews. Everyone at the time knew this. Jesus was killed by the Romans for political activism if he was killed at all. Many ancient gospels indicate that the Crucifixion was a staged event, held in a private garden, and done only to elevate Jesus to the status of a God in his attempt to gain political power and fulfill the prophecies of the Old Testament. There is a ton of archaeological evidence to support this idea. It is commonly known in Islam.

Constantine 325 CE, a pagan king, created a monotheistic religion that worshiped the sun. He viewed the Christian religion and Jesus as being the expression of the Sun on Earth. To facilitate this perception, the Christians moved their holy day from Saturday to Sunday. They also changed the celebration of the birth of Jesus from January to December. (The same birthday as Mithra, the Sun God.) In Constantine’s eyes, The Pagan King, these religions were the same

Moses never existed. There were no Jewish Slaves in Egypt. There were no plagues or disasters in Egypt. The flood of Noah is a myth based on an earlier story from Babylon &quot:The Epic of Gilgamesh.&quot: The story of Adam and Eve is a Gnostic story about human intellect. Most of the bible is plagiarized, fabricated and grossly inaccurate historically.

When you look at how the Christian religion became a popular religion you are confronted with the fact that they did it by killing anyone and everyone who opposed the religion. Billions of people have been slaughtered in the name of the Christian faith. One atrocity piled upon another and all of this in the name of the Christian God.

All you need do is pick up a book and read!

For me it was a long battle, dealing with madness in my mind that not even the delusion of God could help.. I searched through different ways of thinking. Plus my search was mainly online because I was afraid to talk to people in real life. I met mostly atheists online, back in the day almost every forum on the net had a arguments over religion.

Eventually I realized that my belief in God didn’t really help me as a person. It is different for other people though. And sometimes the belief in a Powerful Almighty being alone is enough to help someone change their life, fight, keep going on. I didn’t have enough passion (emotion) in me to have this effect, so I needed sense, logic… Now I’m mature enough to realize this doesn’t make me any better or more intelligent than anyone else.

Lack of evidence for &quot:god(s)&quot: would probably be your #1 answer. Personally, it was learning about other, earlier cultures and their creation stories and other myths first. Every group of people on the planet seemed to have their own gods to answer the unanswerable.

You will get MANY more responses in the Religion/Spirituality section, under the Society and Culture category, but, I gotta warn you, this question is asked so much, atheists are tired of answering it.

If anything it makes more sense to be agnostic, but religious leaders hypocrisy as seen third person, the cults that murder or assist suicide their followers(in most religions) and all around science.

Because he or she’s found out the truth. Many religions just using the &quot:consequence&quot: to frighten people, so they have to believe these gods.

If people aren’t taught and don’t understand or for that matter want to understand God’s word.

the theory of evolution and how the big bang created the galaxy,

the discovery of logic and reason.

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