What are your opinions on Donald Trump’s comment about Mexicans and Latinos during his speech?

He needs to learn a few things before he runs a presidential campaign or handles foreign affairs.
Immigration is an issue that needs to be addressed. But a viable candidate does not alienate the Hispanic vote right out the gate. George W Bush proved it is still up for grabs. And responsible national leader does not insult a friendly government with which we have to work to solve the problem. We secure our borders by partnering with Mexico, not insulting it.
We HAVE to talk about illegal immigration and secure borders and stabilizing the Mexican economy so it can accommodate its workforce. But Trump’s comments weren’t a constructive part of that conversation.

Some things you should just hold out on saying.Especially when you can apply that to any race of people.Last week some said it about blacks its back and forth but never about the real culprits causing pain for others at the top of the heap. Thats okay. If they are at the top, Its easier for God to smite. But no efforts is needed from Him.

His comments are the usual racist conservative patois. Here’s a photograph of the border between the US and Mexico. Which country looks more inviting, with better opportunities, and a more vibrant economy?

Lies. Mexican government isn’t sending people. People choose to come.
He said Mexico is not sending its best but Mexican government isn’t responsible for illegal immigration.

Also, he said they’re all rapists which is also not true.

I disagree.Clearly he has not spent much time around Hispanics.

I think Mr. Trump was exactly right.

He is an ignorant turd who has never lived among minorities in his life.

He was spot on.

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