Poll : Sex before marriage? yay or nay.?

YaY! why? cuz I kinda already have :/

Of course Yay!
Now we have access to safe, 100% reliable birth control we aren’t going to have the lottery of pregnancy any more, so why the hell not? It’s what equality means.

I think of someone chooses to wait until they are married it’s absolutely fine. It’s a personal choice.

But for me I think sex is an important part of a relationship and I would want to marry someone without testing that department first lol.

Yay and nay.

It depends on the circumstances and all circumstances are different.

Nay. Get married to the right person and save your virginity, something people forgot how to do nowadays. I think you should save it for that special guy/girl

of course. what’s wrong with that? Its fine if people want to restrict their desires on basis of a moral code they read about in a book, but how can you know if you want to marry somebody if youve never experienced what sex would be like for the rest of your life beforehand?

Yay! Why? Life would be boring.

Nay for sure

yay, because practice makes perfect.

If i met the right girl i think i would be able to wait. but i need a sexual relase so she would need to still blow me or atleast use her hands on me or something

No . because to me its part of loyalty . if you have the courage to get that private with just anybody ( other than the one you love ) it would be gross and cheap .

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