Obama Supporters: Has Obama provided the Change you were expecting?

I’m just curious as to your POV. Is he right on track, not doing enough, or doing too much? And do you think Washington Politics have changed under Obama?

They’re too addicted to the Kool-aid to know any different. Remember, Liberals are use to being told what to do by their government. Conservatives are free thinkers and know this Administration is Soicalist.

No! He has not found a cure for cancer as of yet. He didn’t fix the economy overnight as promised. He said the real war was in Afghanistan and we are still there..wtf? He has not forced the Republicans to be bipartisan. And when O’ when is he going to take the blame for the Bush economy?

Yes, he has. He is reversing our President Bush’s economic collapse. I warned YA &quot:conservatives&quot: that our all in bet against America and the American economy was a huge mistake. They responded irrationally. I warned them that our irrational bigot base was getting out of hand and they responded irrationally. The economic recovery is coming much faster than anticipated. This bodes very ill for our GOP in the midterms and 2012. We bet all in and will lose it all. The vast majority of the Stimulus has not been spent yet. Once the stimulus money starts flowing in earnest the economy will pick up more. Look for our irrational bigot base to get even angrier and louder.

Considering the fact he came into the worst time do be president, he’s doing a damn fine job.
And bobby, awesome answer.

He’s trying to, but cons are doing their best to shout down peoples’ first amendment right and prevent civil, intelligent discussion.

The only difference between Bush and Obama is that Obama is WORSE than Bush.

I see the posters just think he is a miracle. They know not what they do.

he has disappointed me greatly

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