How can so many Christians, claim the bible, and not know it?

last question I posted I was told that we were commissioned by God to fight things like homosexuality…

stand up to the government….how does this jive with the bible telling us to wipe the dust from our feet, render to ceasar, obey the laws of the land, he who is submersive let him remain that way………

I dont get it christians….why arent you following the true commands of Jesus?

It’s a sad fact, but 95% of all people in the world claiming christianity in one form or another, have never read the bible cover to cover. Another sad fact is that christianity is based on the teachings of the church, not the teachings of Jesus.

You’re supposed to follow the law of the land as long as it doesn’t interfere with God’s law.
In ancient Israel certain sects had infant sacrifice to Ba’al, that didn’t make it right.

The thing is, Jesus also left an interpreter for the Bible. It’s the Catholic Church. We all are taught the same thing. (there are some cafeteria catholics that don’t follow it) Since the heresy of the Sola Scriptura, there have been about 30,000 different denominations.

Many who claim to know the Bible have only heard/read the stories or listened to the readings at church yet have not read the entire (or actual) words. It is unfortunate because people think that they know, but they don’t. I myself long thought that I understood the Bible, but when I actually read it, I found that what we were led to believe was not always exactly the whole truth. Sometimes, not always intentionally, details and facts were left out. It truly is a shocking and controversial book without all of the missing details and twisted interpretations.

When I was growing up (raised Southern Baptist) almost no one had read the Bible. The older I get, the more I realize that most people know a few scriptures, read some passages that their pastors and Sunday school teachers tell them to (or study groups, which still aren’t even that in depth very often), and almost never read the entire Bible all the way through.

The people I know who have read the entire Bible often will say that they read it &quot:in parts.&quot: Or they read the New Testament, then they read part of the Old Testament, they skipped around, it took them 4 years, etc. etc. Almost no one has sat down and read it beginning to end. It just astounds me!

By the way the Bible is less than the length of about two Harry Potter books, so if you haven’t read it all the way through, shame on you!

it is funny when some one ask people who claim Tobe followers of the Jewish Messiah we call Christ because while alive and very out spoken about the gentiles of his day Jesus the Jew compared them to dogs and he did not like waisting his time with them in his own words he came to save the children of Israel and no uncircumcised gentile. It was only after his death and apparent Resurrection that his disciples twisted his Jewish stand to include the gentiles by way of visions and such but the true teaching of the Jew known by his peers as the son of Joseph, Jesus the Nazarene came to free the children of Israel, the most logical reason his followers turned to the gentiles around them to hear the word is because they did not reject the ideology of a son of god for many of their heroes were the sons of gods or goddesses, so to build their congregations fast they turned to these pagans and did not fine to many to resist the idea that Jesus was the son of a god but they resisted when they put him on the throne of Caesar. So you see Jesus was born a Jew, lived a Jew and die a Jew for the Jews it was only later on in the teachings of his followers did he die for all man kind remember he was the son of David, the king of Iserial.

Thomas Paine once called the Bible the most read and the least examined book ever written, the answers you’re getting illustrate that perfectly. The trouble is that after centuries of translation, revision, and re-interpretation there is no definitive text to which we can point and say &quot:This one is the correct one.&quot: Add to this the idea, as many Protestant Churches claim, that anyone can validly interpret whichever Bible they’re using for themselves, plus the common practice of taking versus out of context, and Christianity is reduced to whatever it is to which you point when you say it. Can you, yourself, after all, claim to know with certainty the actual thoughts and intents of God?

Great job pointing this out, Christians really do need to be aware of this. However, you should not clump all Christians in a group like that and judge us as a whole. I personally am a Christian, and I read the bible every night, and am close to finishing. See, there are 2 types of Christians: &quot:Churchians&quot: and &quot:Disciples&quot:. Churchians go to church and claim to be Christians, but don’t live their faith out through their actions, don’t know or want to read scripture, etc. Disciples are those who are closely following the bible, wanting to live like Jesus and live their faith out in every part of their life. Don’t judge all Christians because you have seen many &quot:Churchians&quot:, because many of us truly are Disciples.

Yes, I believe we are to follow the laws of our country…….but that only can go ‘so’ far………..I am not one to get out and protest at places or things of that nature – but I do believe that I, as a Christian, should not just sit and keep my mouth shut when I know what is going on is wrong………….&quot:To him that knoweth to do right, and doeth it not, it is sin.&quot:

Truly – Christians should speak out against horrible, sinful, things that are trying to be shoved down America’s throat. Frankly, I believe we are wrong when we don’t say anything against such things………….It can be done in the ‘right’ way – which would also be honoring the Lord at the same time………

God Bless……………

The true commands of Jesus are the teachings of his authentic Church, precisely as they are defined by the people Jesus personally empowered to do it … while he still walked the earth … the Bishops of the Catholic Church … and nobody else … especially not you.

You’re right, though. You DON’T get it.

I think you might mean &quot:submissive&quot: —–what are you SUBMERGING?

I AM following the &quot:true&quot: command of Jesus…….to love one another, to treat others as I want to be treated………

Where does the Bible tell us to &quot:stand up to the government&quot:?
It tells us to obey the laws of the land.

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