Homophobes and Religious people, what exactly gives you the right to tell us Homosexuals we’re wrong?

You’ve caused so much War in the past, you tell us we’re wrong and you’re the ones discriminating against us? We have no choice in being Homosexuals, we’re incapable of being in love and having sexual attraction for the other Gender so why do you insist on telling us we’re wrong? Sure we can’t reproduce, but so does that mean every human is forced to have Children? We can adopt children, I’m pretty sure a lot of the Children in Foster Homes would love to have a Family. We’re also not going to encourage anyone to be Gay because a lot of us would rather be Heterosexual and me personally wouldn’t want to have anyone else be discriminated against by You. It’s Naturally impossible for us to become Heterosexual and it’s naturally impossible for us to make other people Homosexuals if that wasn’t their Nature already. As for Children needing both a Father and a Mother, I don’t think that’s correct because I know lots of people who’s Father wasn’t there for them and they turned out just fine. I know my Father wasn’t there for me, he insisted of Sexually Molesting me as a Child, so honestly I don’t think a Child needs both Genders for Parents. A Homosexual Couple can raise Children just as well as you. So why don’t you guys stop discriminating against us and start dealing with your own Problems like how you guys keep Hurting our Feelings for being who we truly are and not lying to ourselves about our Sexual Orientation. Please? Why don’t you guys just stop hurting us and let us be us?

Firstly I’m gay, and secondly, I’m Catholic. And you may be surprised how little religion actually has a role in homosexual intolerance. To me, religion is not the reason for prejudice, because people are all different, and people have their own opinions. In contemporary society today, sexuality is tolerated by many people, and people should not be defined by religion, race, politics, sexuality but personality. Trust me, there are a lot of religious people who accept homosexuality, and even in my school (which is a Catholic school) there are chapters in religion textbooks and even brochures that look to show that homosexuality should be tolerated because God said &quot:love your neighbour as yourself&quot:.

I completely understand people’s views that homosexuality could go against &quot:traditional values&quot: but it’s just their opinions and I accept them completely. And how could religious people &quot:cause so much war in the past&quot:? Religion carries to promote peace and equality in this world.

I hope you can accept my opinions. The things is to ignore homophobic views and just accept them.

Bizarre isn’t it, as are some of the responses here. (as though allowing Gay marriage will make the human race die out: we’re hardly suffering a people shortage.) But the oddest thing for me on the latest Californian ruling, which proves it is a changeable quirk of the voting and legal system, not anything fundamentally absolute, was the adjoining statement which declared that all the gay marriages that *had* taken place were legal and legitimate and remained so. Now, if there was something utterly unconstitutional about gay marriage, that could not be, surely? Some Gay marriages have just been declared &quot:fine&quot:, even by the people who have ruled &quot:no more, under current law&quot:

It basically comes down to people being unEDUCATED about homosexuality. A study has shown that you dont choose to be gay, we actually have a switch deep down in our brain that shows if you are gay or not. We are born this way. I believe that god created all men equal regardless of our sexual orientation. Just because we are gay doesnt mean we cant love, work or play like heterosexual beings. People are scared of all things different thus making them feel intimidated. It also comes down to parents not teaching their children to love everyone as equals, letting them believe what we are is wrong, that is wrong in itself, these children should be educated so when they have children of their own they can impart their knowledge to their children, letting them grow up in a unbiased world. If a child has parents of the same gender so be it, we dont molest them, we do things exacly the same as a heterosexual couple. We love them just as equally. So go and get educated you homophobic morons, at least then this gives you the right to a varied opinion not an opinion of morally injust.

I’m a lesbian. And I honestly think the reason for all this bruhaha over the &quot:gays&quot: is Fear.

Instead of some of these extremists using their God-given intelligence that seperates us from animals in cognition, deductive reasoning, &amp: problem solving, they choose to hide behind their religion. That’s th easy way out.

I am not talking about all religions: just those who are RABID in their issues when it comes to not treating people as PEOPLE. I don’t care what you do in your bedroom, &amp: I would appreciate the same respect, thank you. When straight people show small, cutesy PDAs that people don’t even notice, why is that totally brushed aside, but when my wife &amp: I do the EXACT SAME PDAs, all hell breaks loose?

Don’t give me the &quot:Stay in the closet &amp: have some decency…you don’t see people urinating or screwing in the street, so save that for the privacy of your home.&quot: I want to be able to do the SAME THING in public with my wife as a STRAIGHT COUPLE can do. And if that is &quot:special&quot: &quot:Being too in your face&quot: or &quot:being too activisty&quot:? Ich nicht mein Bier (That’s YOUR problem. Not mine).

There is NO major religion out there that is founded upon or teaches this rabid hate. ALL of them preach LOVE (Loving God &amp: loving your neightbor). Yet people use their religion &amp: their interpretation of their Holy scriptures (even to the point of making different scriptures according to denominational beliefs) for their benefit &amp: to keep others down.

Let the haters continue to hate, because Karma’s a B.I…… And when we have to be judged, being gay is going to be a small aspect of my overall life. But their hate? Hmmm…they will have a lot of ‘splaining to do.

I agree with you

But you know what, we gays really need to get over it. Homophobia is dying out. Homosexuality is becoming more and more widely accepted. In most countries, the law is now on our side

We’re never going to wipe out homophobia, in the same way we’re never going to wipe out racism, anti-semetism, or sexism. There will always be pockets of people who hate us. And 99% of people on this planet have some kind of prejudice towards some group

We shouldnt get angry at the homophobes, we should pity them, but then just ignore them and get on with our lives

Harbouring a grudge against homophobes just brings you down. Move on and enjoy life

Because they feel their religion empowers them to tell other people what to do and how to live their lives. That goes for Christians, Jews, Muslims, pretty much anyone under a conservative faith.

Homophobes are just ignorant. They don’t understand what its like to be gay because they themselves are not gay. And human nature usually hates or frowns on what they don’t understand. Homophobia is still considered an acceptable prejudice and homosexuals are a barely tolerated minority save for some very liberal parts in some countries.

There are still some countries you can be jailed or killed for being gay (Islamic and African countries), so for anyone who sits there and says homophobia doesn’t exist needs to WAKE UP.

I agree. Finally a question worth reading. I was constantly being discriminated against at my school, when I live in Georgia, it was an all boys Christian school. So that was tough, I’m now in Arizona, and it’s still tough. but not nearly as bad. You know, my old best friend actually threw a bible at me cause he thought it would excrete my sexuality, I got my bag spray painted, it said &quot:dirty back bender&quot: there religion is to important to them, that they don’t care how bad it makes us feel. Oh that’s not all I begged my parents to let me go to an Ex Gay Rehab in Southern Georgia, because I wanted all my friends back. But my parents were just like &quot:look there is nothing wrong with you, it’s cool to be gay, your my son and we know you didn’t choose to be gay&quot: I went to the camp anyways, and it didn’t work, and my friend actually killed himself cause he told the people that he was straight but he hated lying.

Privilege (money, power, and control). Unfortunately, people from privileged backgrounds have been sharpening their pitchforks and taking advantage of minorities since the dawn of time.

I completely and utterly agree. Also, if you notice, the bible says almost nothing about same-sex relationship. Although it DOES say that God chooses your life path, and he’ll love you no matter what. So, if God chooses your life path, then that means that He PURPOSELY chose for you to be gay. It wasn’t your choice. Christians are fearful of homosexual people because they’re different, so they went all &quot:HOMOSEXUALS ARE BAD BLAH THEY CAUSE DEATH BLAH BLAH HELL BLAH BLAH HOMOSEXUALS FOLLOW SATAN BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH&quot:.

Truth is, they’re just frightened. They think anything different than straightness is disgusting, and terrible. Only, by talking ill of homosexuals and such, Christians are contradicting everything they believe in.

Think about it.

Some people still need to justify their hate by blaming others for it instead of owning it for themselves. It’s been like that since man showed up. It’s in the Bible, Cain killed Abel and was able to justify it to himself.

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