Hillary Clinton or Condoleeza Rice: Who will you vote for?

I would hope that I would not have to vote for either: but if I had to I would vote for Hillary. I have sworn that I will never ever vote for another Republican as long as I live. And quite frankly Condy should be tried for crimes agains humanity. She was national security advisor to the Bush boy when he invaded Iraq.

Condoleeza Rice, not even a question. The last thing we need is another clinton

Its a tough call. I don’t have a problem with having a woman president. However i don’t think it would go over well with the rest of the world. Putting both Clinton’s and Rice’s political views aside, i would think Clinton would have a better chance. A black woman president would not go over well with the rest of the world. This isn’t my view but i just think that’s the way it would be.

Clinton. She is a great politician and is already Senator of a huge key state. Rice is not a politician, not by the largest stretch of the mind.

oxybear98 ….does not think the Secretary of State is a politician? What world does live in? Hillary could not find the largest intern in her husbands office. (under his desk for months). Now thats what we need and want.

John Galt


Hillary Clinton, She will be one of the BEST we ever had

why would anyone in their right mind vote for a woman who associates herself with the bush administration? she supposedly has been even more of a &quot:yes man&quot: than powell, and will be shown to have been involved in the leak of secrets to AIPAC and was involved with the cia leak as well. again, what kind of fkin idiot…

for World Cup 2006. Enjoy! 🙂

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