DS: The Teacup Yorkie Scam Spammer?

So as I am sure most of you noticed for a bit we had the lovely Teacup Top Quality Yorkie spam. Well out of sheer curiosity I sent them an email. Not only did I get the typical email with the web stolen pics, but these people can’t even bother to construct their lies properly any more.

Since when is Little Rock, AK a SMALL COUNTRY plagued by Malaria?

Even better its painfully obvious from looking at the picture that this is a scam since NONE of them look alike.

Mimi and Didi

These are the exact photos taken from me and all of them track back to scam postings all over the net.

Who is this stupid to fall for this?

People who think they can get a valuable dog for a cheap price.

Like all those people who post &quot:Where can I get a teacup (insert breed here) for under $200?&quot:

Obviously, enough people fall for these scams to make it worthwhile for the scammers.

You know what they say there’s one born every minute

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