Do you ever feel like you’re getting punked by the government?

8 years of Clinton – he did good things but he single-handedly caused the housing crisis today through bad policies(http://www.businessweek.com/the_thread/hotproperty/archives/2008/02/clintons_drive.html)
8 years of Bush – he gave retards a bad name (too many links to mention)
1 year of Obama – he doesn’t truly understand our problems (too many links to mention)

I mean you could give some partisan answer because I offended your precious political party, or you could look at the whole and say – really? Really? These are our leaders?

There are smart people in this country and they have become really easy to identify. They are the people getting laughed out of the room. The people who get to the top are the Republicans who pander to the religious nuts or the Democrats who pander to the lazy useful idiots. The really smart people who don’t prove valuable to the special interest groups and the media are ignored and shunned which is really a disservice. Sometimes I feel like I’m on MTV’s Punked as a U.S. citizen. Do you?

And I’ve just identified another one of those smart people still left and clinging to logic! Excellent question and presentation of your thoughts! 🙂

I too am sick of watching the trampling, right stealing, bribes, corruption and unconstitutional BS! I’m tired of people who *claim* to be my fellow Christians trying to enact their OWN interpretation of &quot:God’s Law&quot: on earth: which is incredibly silly when the Bible reiterates SOO many times not to judge others. Not to mention, if you’re really a Christian, you must recognize that God gave man free will, right? :S A bit off topic, but I’m also sick of the people who think EVERY verse of the Bible was meant to be literal and try to resist scientific advancements… Ugh!

I’m fed up with the Socialist policies, and the ridiculous people trying to convince me it’s actually not Socialism/Communism. I READ Karl Marx’s books, lol. I’ve read a lot, and especially loved things like &quot:The Anti-Capitalist Mentality&quot: and &quot:1984&quot:. I’ve also studied my fair share, and the fair share of about 20 other people, of history. We’re not moving *quite* as fast as countries in other times and places, but that’s part of the &quot:complacency factor&quot: that is required in the modern world. It’s definitely spiraling out of control.

I don’t feel like I’m on &quot:Punked&quot: though, because I know it’s real and deadly serious. But yes, I do feel like we’re all getting screwed. Then we all sit here and argue about silly and trivial things like &quot:Liberal vs Conservative&quot:, which means absolutely nothing. Just a distraction from what the bastards are doing in cahoots when they shut those doors. &quot:Sweeteners&quot: come to mind. What has the word &quot:Liberal&quot: or &quot:Democrat&quot: ever done for us? What has the word &quot:Conservative&quot: or &quot:Republican&quot: ever done for us? Nothing! And none of them ever will. Only THE PEOPLE, will amount to anything. Want change? Then think outside your simpleton &quot:left-wing – right-wing&quot: fallacy-world, and let’s take a new approach. We’ll call it freedom, and base it upon the Constitution.

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Yes, it really does feel like that. I just wish Ashton Kutcher would jump out and say we were punked so we can laugh and say whew, it wasn’t real. ha!

yes I do thats why I make sure to spread the word every day on how corrupt it is.

all the time I just got my taxes and I’m not a happy camper!

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