Christians, who are YOU calling &quot:lost&quot:?

I’m not the one in a superstitious cult, after all.

Lost is arrogant, rude, and, kind of lost.

I think its projection from true losers. The kind that hands out tracts in public.

-atheist ex xian


Now…err… is it a left turn or a right turn at Albuquerque?

Lost are human being who do not want to have anything to do with God and His gift of Salvation. They will die the Second Death in Revelation and be Ash. Mal. 4:1-3 If you want God and you believe in Jesus Christs saving blood and you repent for your sins and want to live a righteous life as Christ did..Your SAVED. You will go to heaven at the Second coming of Jesus in Revelation19,20. When we die–we all go to the grave–it is called a sleep by Jesus and the Saved will sleep peacefully as the unsaved for, the dead no nothing. Christians and ones who Love God with all their heart, wait for their Lord to come and get us.

The unsaved do not care about Jesus or His Father or the Holy Spirit..so be it. Please get a bible and learn and read so you will have a chance to know Jesus. Forgive us Christians if times we do not explain the direction clearly of life on Earth. Some are not really Christians but followers of Satan and lie continuously. Satan is the father of lies. Only knowing your Bible will you be able to see the lies coming when they do. God be with all of us in Knowledge of Him.

Okay try damned for all eternity and see if you like it better. God says he will be more than rude on judment day when he is reading his books and passing his judgments on those who have slandered, mocked and ignored his warnings. So we won’t hand you any tracts if you are that positive of yourself and where you are going.

most of them seem to mean well.
you have to give the good ones credit for family values.
but really, you’re free to think what you like.
the God vs. no God argument is never going to get solved, but it gets fun when a lot of heads really go at it.
just don’t give up on the spiritual rules of life, whether you’re a believer or a deliberate non believer, or whatever you are.

Not Lost,
Searching in your own way.
Don’t let your EGO get in the paths way.
God lets the rain fall on everyone, God lets the sun shine on everyone.
God loves you no matter where you are on your spiritual journey.
Peace be on you.

All of us who don’t buy their mythology, but prefer rational explanations to the universe and it’s mysteries from contemporary, reliable, scientific fields of study.

Using a 2,000 year old map to guide you around new York.

If I’m lost, why do they tell everyone to seek Jesus? Is he lost too?

As an ex-Christian, you need to remember your pastor teaching you that non-believers are lost.

So, to answer your question – it’s whoever their pastor tells them to call &quot:lost&quot:.

One who doesn’t have relationship with the lord is lost.

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