Baby girl names-please rate them and vote for your favorite :)?

Please rate and vote your favorite out of these three names. Middle name is after grandma and her older brothers name is Christian

1. Madison Rose- this has always always been my favorite name since i was a little girl, I wished it was my name and wanted to someday give it to my daughter. I was not considering it because it is so trendy but I am over it now. I dont know any little girls with this name and it is popular for a reason, it is beautiful. It also sounds adorable with Christian I think.

2. Gabriella Rose- another common name, but def less common than madison. It is my husbands favorite. I do think its very beautiful and feminine but I am not a big fan of Gabi. It is very cute but it rhymes with so many mean words ( flabby, crabby etc) and I cant control the nickname once she gets to school. I like this name a lot though.

3. Alexandra Rose- another one of my husbands favorites. I think its timeless amd classic and I really like that about it. It also offers her tons of options for nicknames if she wants which is great! I love love love Lexi, its my favorite NICkname and its why I would comprimise and agree on this one but the name itself is not my favorite. Just something about it, maybe it sounds harsh to me or something but I would probably never call her Alexandra. This name is the least popular of the three but Alexa and Alexis are all over and despite what the charts say, I think more common than madison at this point. My son (20 mos) and I attend mommy and me activities several times a week and we have never met a Madison. Lots of Emma, Caylee, Ava, Sophia and Isabella but no madisons!

Thanks 🙂

A Madison will come along eventually it’s inevitable. but out of the choices I like the first one best. 🙂

Madison Rose-10 I’ve always loved it too! But maybe consider Madeline or Addison? Idk just some suggestions.. but its a very beautiful name. 🙂

Gabriella Rose-9 It’s very cute! And Gabi/Gabby are cute nicknames..I don’t think she’ll get made fun of.

Alexandra Rose-6 I totally get what you’re saying about how it sounds harsh or something is just off. Maybe because it sounds like Alexander or something, I’m not sure. But its an alright name and I also love Lexi as a nickname!

My favorite would probably also be Madison or even Madeline or Addison.


Madison Rose- I hate that it means son of Maude, it’s cute but SO trendy and expected, sounds like a stuck up little brat too. I rate it 5…

Gabriella Rose- 9 This is much prettier, a bit overused though

Alexandra Rose- 9 This my favorite one 🙂 It’s much more beautiful than the other too and more original, Alexa, Alexa, xandra are cute nicknames too 🙂

1. Madison Rose — 3/10. i just don’t like Madison very much.

2. Gabriella Rose– very pretty. 7/10. you could always call her Ella. and you can control nicknames, just have everyone always call her that from day 1.

3. Alexandra Rose — 7/10. elegant. i like Lexi too, but i prefer the full name Alexis actually. you could also call her Allie, or Alex.

Alexandra Rose

I personally like Madison Rose. It is a beautiful name, and it is special to you. The other two are cute, but I don’t think they sound as nice with the older brother being named Christian.

I like the first one Madison Rose I think its very pretty and the names just seem perfect together definitly a 10

I would Madison Rose it’s a beautiful name, I have a one year old niece with that name she has blond hair with big blue eyes and is very relaxed, curious and happy. 🙂

Madison 10/10
Gabriella 7/10
Alexandra 6/10

Rylie is my daughter’s call:) Eden — 7/10 incredibly! Evelynn Marie — 4/10 desire Evelyn Ezmae — 3/10 like Esme? that’s ok yet I hate the spelling Rylee — 10/10 i needed this spelling yet my husband in undemanding terms agreed to Rylie. Zyla — 6/10 this is beautiful Zylee — 5/10 ok Zalea — 4/10 undecided a thank you to pronounce? Cali Alice — 6/10 desire Callie 🙂 sought after is Rylee. Least to maximum suitable: Rylee Eden Cali Alice Zyla Evelynn Marie Zylee Zalea desire I helped!

I like madison and alexandra….but i also like just plain Lexi/e Rose

The only one like is Gabriella Rose

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