At what point do you think football chants get too far?

Is calling Lumpard fat too far
Is calling Cashley Cole a judas traitor mobile on vibrator too far

Because the Sol Campbell thing was obviously too far but are some chants about other players sexualities and hobbies too far?

Should clubs allow their fans to abuse referees by calling them vvankers every week?

OQ: Do YOU think that the user Bobby Moore should buy me a drink at the game this weekend?

Personally I think that crowds should have to sit in silence , in order to remain politically correct – mainly because people can’t chant without being abusive .

OQ – erm , I suppose not because your underage , wait , is Bobby underage , I really do not know, still , your underage – wait until your eighteen then you can get as drunk as you wish . I thought you meant a beer , well it that case , as long as you buy him one – yes he should.

There should be a limit they’re there to watch football not comment on the players and referees.If they cannot keep from abusing other people better sit at home where they have every right to do whatever they want and watch it on TV.They should be thankful they have the opportunity to watch good football live this is coming from a fan who’s never been to a single match and know the value of it.What do they gain by calling people names,it can’t make them happy surely?

OQ:Yes.If you agree to buy him one the next match.

They’re probably already rubbed off, Eddie. Your wife should be fairly simple to tell, but surely you exaggerate! A belly shirt? That would be funny if it was your wife, but so fitting. What if it was someone else, a mystery woman? What will you do – spend the rest of your life reliving this dream, trying to find her again? I’m sure your EF would be only too happy to show you her &quot:area&quot:. Bunny, well, I think maybe if it was her, then maybe Eddie Jr. and Edwina (or whatever her name is) could be yours. Good luck with your &quot:private investigating&quot:! : )

Anything that breaks the law, violates civil rights or is terribly offensive.
I remember I was at a merseyside derby last seaons and some of the Evertonians in the Lower Gladys were chanting about Steven Gerrard’s daughter because she was in hospital… no matter how much I despise Gerrard that was digusting and uncalled for!

I think mediocre players who earn in a week what I earn in a year of hard work should not complain at mere football insults.

Nevermind the Ronaldo’s, Kaka’s, Lampard’s and Cole’s who earn in a week what I earn in two years.

When they put ink on the contract for the mega-punds/bucks/euro deals they sign I am sure they accept what comes with it: the media scrutiny, the rival fans’ chants, etc

I went to Liverpool Match once against united 2 years ago and united fans were Shouting &quot:I Wish it was Hillsborough every day&quot:

Its Pathetic really

Racism towards players or opposing fans
Chants regarding Football disasters (like mentioned above)

OQ : Yes he should.

btw: still guessed the wrong age! 🙂

When it gets racist and there booing a specific player because he made little mistakes. Example: Eboue, that day it was sad being a Arsenal fan.

FQ: Why not!

I don’t think calling lampard fat is going to far but what happened to campbell was just wrong.

OQ: yes.

Racist and homophobic chanting.
Anything that breaks the law.

I don’t see a problem with &quot:Lumpard&quot:

OQ : If you buy him one back!

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